Fast Video Cataloger 8.5 released

Today (28/1-2023), we are super happy to announce that Fast video cataloger 8.5 is available for download.

Download from our website or by clicking update in the installed software (you will find it in the Help menu)

Thumbnail Notes

We added a new mode for the video thumbnail where you can edit the text to each thumbnail next to it. Select this mode from the Start menu.

Scrub the video

When moving the mouse over the thumbnail in the video catalog window, you scrub through the captured thumbnails for the video. Double-click to play from that time. This is not accessing the video file, so it will still work with disconnected videos.

Add in between thumbnails

When hovering over a thumbnail, you now get a button to add a thumbnail in between that thumbnail and the previous/next. This should help you quickly add more thumbnails where it makes sense.

How to find videos that has a cast

In Fast video cataloger, you can assign actors to a video cast. Actors can have names, portraits, and more. Actors could be used as actual actors, but you can also use them for clients or other entities related to a video and where you want to add some more metadata than just a simple tag.

You can search for actors from the search window, but what if you want to search for videos that do not have an actor assigned or videos that do have an actor?

You can not do that kind of search from the search window, but it is possible from the scripting API. Remember that you can also bind buttons or shortcuts keys to scripts if these kind of searches are important for your workflow.

Here is an example script that will select all videos that have an assigned cast from the current search result. Simply copy and paste this into the script window of Fast video cataloger.

select cast

script to select video cast

using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Runtime;
using VideoCataloger;
using VideoCataloger.RemoteCatalogService;

class Script
  static public async System.Threading.Tasks.Task Run ( IScripting scripting, string arguments ) 
    List selected = new List();

    var catalog = scripting.GetVideoCatalogService();
    VideoQuery video_query=new VideoQuery();
    VideoFileEntry[] all_videos = catalog.SearchVideos( video_query );

    long[] VideoToSearch =new long[1];

    foreach ( VideoFileEntry entry in all_videos )
      VideoToSearch[0] =entry.ID;
      Actor[] video_actors = catalog.GetCast(VideoToSearch);
      bool has_cast =true;
      if (video_actors.Length == 0 )
        has_cast =false;
      if (has_cast)  // use !has_cast to select video without a cast 
        selected.Add( entry.ID);
    ISelection selection = scripting.GetSelection();

Fast Video Cataloger 8.4 finally released

Today (3/9-2022), we are happy to announce that Fast video cataloger 8.4 is available for download.

Download from our website or by clicking update in the installed software.

Parent Keywords

Keywords can now be set up to have parent keywords. This allows you to tag and search faster.

For example, you can create an “animal” parent keyword, and create a keyword “parrot” with the parent “animal.” Tag a “parrot” video with the “parrot” keyword and also get that result when searching for “animal”.

Add folder filters

We improved the filter when adding videos to make it easier to exclude videos when adding videos in a folder. This should help when you have temporary videos mixed with “good” videos.

Scene search

Better video scene search results. Scene search results can now be presented and organized by video.

File organizer

We made several improvements to the file organizer as well as bug fixes. Preview videos not in your catalog and quickly add the videos you want to be included.

And much more.. full revision history in the included documentation.

Update (11/9-2022), release a minor bug fix update with fixes to reported issues.
Update (17/9-2022), release a minor bug fix update search issues, is now the latest version
Update (24/9-2022), release a minor update:

    Preferences now has a reset button to restore settings to default settings.
    Video player handles videos without audio better. Some videos without audio that did not play in earlier versions should work now.
    Keywording panel shows used keywords in this session separately.
    Added shortcut to toggle scene keyword.
    Added info of number of broken video in the repair broken video links dialog
    Added Name column in the repair broken video links dialog
    Added context menu to copy path of broken video to clipboard

Fast Video Cataloger 8.3 is now available for download

Update by clicking Update in the software or visit if you are new to the software.

Video File Organizer

New in this version is a complete rewrite of the integrated file organizer. It still looks very similar to the windows file organizer, but the integrated organizer ensures that your catalog is automatically updated as you work with your video files. It now also makes it easy to play videos, not in your catalog and then add them with the click of a button.

video file organizer


The new SmartBins feature helps you organize videos automatically into bins from a set search query. The bins get updated as you add videos to your catalog. A SmartBin could, for example, use XMP data to sort all new videos from a specific video camera into a bin.

video smart bin

XMP Extended properties

We have improved the support for Extended properties, including XMP video data. Extended properties are now sorted into folders that help if you have many properties. In the search window we also list all the possible values an extended property has in the catalog.

xmp video search

These are the big improvements, but there are a lot and lots of other minor improvements and bug fixes. Check the documentation for the complete list.