New version (6.18) available for download

New version available

Today we released Fast video cataloger 6.18 and you can download it from here. You might have noticed that there has been a bunch of releases since the major 6.1 we released back in August. We have basically released one update every week. The reason is that we decided to have a period of focus on quick bug fixing and hold off from major new features. We already have lots of features in the program. We do need to do a better job of explaining the features to users. Since our current focus is on fixing isues there is much less testing needed before releasing a new version. We can, therefore, have quicker turnarounds.

If there are things you would like to see fixed or that you think we should explain better please contact us.

On the area of explaining better we have posted a bunch of recent blog posts about how you can use the program. If you have not seen them already do have a look.

Recent improvements

Some of the improvements we have done the last month or so are:

  • Improvements to the scripting API as well as updated documentation and more samples. And, we have added a bunch of new articles about scripting on the web page. If there is something you are missing in the API to do what you want to do, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Lots of Bug fixes. Whenever the program crash you get the option to upload a crash dump to us. We have been looking close at the issues reported and fixed a bunch of problems. If you get the dialog please take the time to upload it and write a sentence about what you did when the crash happened.
  • Improved indexing. We fixed issues with some older video formats and we have fixed issues with timeouts during indexing.
  • Fixed various issues with the integrated “file organizer”. The preferred way to move files in Fast video cataloger is to drag from the “video catalog” to the target folder in the file organizer.
  • Fixed issues with archiving when it could just fail in some cases
  • Fixed issues with multiselection.

We will keep working on minor improvements for a while so do check back from time to time to get the latest version of the software.

Fast Video Cataloger 6.1 released with virtual video editing and extended thumbnail properties

I am more than happy to announce that Fast video cataloger 6.1 is now available for download.

Download the latest version from the download page

Virtual video editing

In version 6.1 it is now possible to create virtual videos by combining sections from videos in your collection. It is basically an advanced playlist maker that allows you to create playlists of whole video clips or just a part of a video. You can use this to make a quick early draft before doing video editing or just play like a normal video. The playlists are not altering video files in any way and you can make playlists of videos in different formats and resolutions instantly without doing any type of re-encoding that would lead to quality loss. It is also super quick.

Video playlist window

Create a new virtual video playlist from the playlist window and then select a current playlist. There are three basic ways to populate your video playlist.

  • Add whole video clips to the playlist by right-clicking a video and selecting “add to playlist”.
  • Add a video segment by right-clicking a thumbnail and selecting “Add to playlist”. Doing that will att the segment from the time of the selected thumbnail to the next one. If you hold down shift while selecting add to playlist you simply add a short segment (you can select the length from preferences) from the time of the thumbnail to the playlist.
  • Right-click the camera icon in the video player to add a clip from the time where the video player is currently in the playing video.

You can re-order your clips with drag n drop after they have been added.

Extended thumbnail properties

Another new function in version 6.1 is the ability to add extended properties to thumbnails and to use that in searches. You could, for example, add a description to each thumbnail explaining the scene in words. Access this functionality from the video details window.

We have extended the scripting interface so you can leverage these new functions in your own custom solutions and we have added some more samples to give you a good start when doing your own video solutions based on fast video cataloger.

.webm video format is now a recognized video format

webm video files are recognized as standard video files

We have today released Fast video cataloger 6.02 with webm supported as a standard video file format. In the past it was possible to add webm either by adding the file specifially or setting webm as a custom video format in preferences. You can always do it that way with rare video formats. Fast video cataloger supports directshow filters so it supports rare formats and formats we have never even tested or are aware of as long as there is a directshow filter. Webm is becomming more common so we added it to the list of default extensions. When you add a folder it will treat your webm files just like it does with all other video files.

Docking framework updated

We have updated the docking framework that lets you configure your user interface across one or more displays. The update fixes a number of probolems where docking in some configurations did not work as expected. Remember that you can always reset your layout to the default if you want to start over with your layout. And if you are not using layouts you really should try it now.

Shortcuts to custom actions

You can now assign shortcuts to custom actions. You can, as before, crete custom action to launch external tools, access web resources or run custom scripts. By using custom actions you can integrate Fast video cataloger with your other software and workflows.

Imporved capture of wmv files

We have improved capture of wmv files. When you captured some type of bad wmv files the program could timeout when the video files were read from slow devices or over network.

Download the latest version of Fast video cataloger from

Custom video properties

Fast Video Cataloger 5 – with new extended video properties

The release of Fast video cataloger 5 is getting closer, and today I want to share one of our more frequently requested features. One that we have added to the next release of program: extended video properties.

But first a little detour. From time to time people request that we add new video genres to the program. I always tell them to skip genres and instead use the keyword function instead. Keywords is far more powerful and flexible, and there is no reason to use the genre.

But now we have a better solution – the ability to add your own editable genres. Just right click on them in the video details window. Even if you can now change the genres, I personally still hold to my old advice to prefer keywords! But you now choose the way you want to work.

But, we have also added something even more powerful to Fast Video Cataloger 5. You will be able to edit your own user video properties. We understand that there are people and companies that use the program for things we have not even considered. So we have made it possible for you to define your own video properties.

On the video details window there is now a new section with “Extended video properties” for your catalog.

Extended video properties - custom video properties from the video details window

Click the edit button to add your own custom properties to your catalog. If enough people use this, I am sure we are going to extend this feature even more in the future based on your and others feedback.

To go with this new feature we have also extended the search function. There is a new search block for extended video properties that can be combined with other search criteria.

Please give it a try and let us know if this is helpful or if there is something we could do to make this even more useful.

Colorful video keyword improvements

Video cataloger 5 lets you do video keywording in color.

Fast video cataloger 5 is not far from being released and it has lots of small and big improvements. Today I will share a bit about what we have improved with keywords, search and color. Update: Fast video cataloger 5 is now available for download.

Video Keyword Manager

Improvements to video keywording

Over the years we have had several requests where users wanted to remove keywords from their catalog.

Previous the only way to remove a keyword was to remove it from everywhere it was used. Only then was it possible to remove it from the catalog, and have it not listed in the suggested keywords.

In Fast Video Cataloger 5.0 we introduce a new keyword management dialog.

In the keyword management dialog you will be able to see statistics on how each of your keywords are used. You can rename a keyword in one place, and the change will be propagated to everywhere that keyword is used. This has been a common request from users who have discovered a misspelled keyword that’s been used on a lot of videos. Hopefully, this new feature will save time.

Another new feature in the keyword dialog will let you quickly remove a keyword from all videos where it is used. Just click a button, and the keyword will be removed from the entire database. But as always, don’t forget to make regular backups of your catalog from time to time. There is no way to get back keywords once they are deleted.

Finally, we added colors to keywords!

You can set the color yourself from the keyword dialog. Colors are available for all types of keywords; video keywords, scene keywords and actor keywords. The default colour for new keywords is “white” but you can easily change that.

Coloring keywords give you an additional dimension of organizing, and with some clever use you should be able to quickly find the keywords you are using the most. Hopefully, this addition will allow you to work even faster with your video collection.