Try Fast Video Cataloger

Today we release Fast video cataloger As usuall you update from the software by clicking the update button. New in this version is the following:

  • You can now have ten extended properties columns. Note that you need to reset the layout to get the ten instead of the five.
  • We have added a new action argument to get the time in seconds from the start for the current video thumbnail ( This is the time format used in vlc ).
  • Fixed issue with searches for ranges on extended properties. The range did not disappear when the range checkbox was unchecked.
  • The autohide scrollbar is now a bit transparent to show text that it might hide.
  • Docking undocking the video player no longer pauses the video.
  • Fixed issue with using ‘ in keywords, keywords with ‘ would not work as filters.
  • Remove and Edit actions did not save the preferences.
  • Actors right-click now has a options to “Filter videos on” (i.e clear any prio search and search on the selected actor ) and “Add to current search” (i.e do not clear the current search and add the selected actor to the search).
  • Fixed crash when CTRL seeking on video thumbnails.
  • Scripting documentation was missing description of the IVideoCatalogerService interface.
  • Actor names are now darker to make them easier to read.