A new version of Fast video cataloger is now available for download from https://videocataloger.com/download, our first version in 2022.

Cmd line arguments

We added a bunch of new cmd line arguments recognized by the software. Specify a default catalog, search, playlist, and more. If you try to start the program with a command line argument when the program is already running the arguments will be passed to the running instance. I.e this is an easy way to automate the software from other software, the cmd line, or from desktop shortcuts. We will create a video later to show more in detail how you can use this feature. Look in the documentation for the details.


We added support to drag full videos into the playlist. Pretty handy when you have short intros and outros and you want to draft out timelines before editing in a video software like Davinci or premiere. We also added a way to expand the list of playlists in the catalog to make it easier to work with multiple playlists.

Extended properties

The extended properties edit box now has a filer. When you import lots of videos with metadata, especially XMP, you can quickly accumulate a lot of extended properties, the filer gives you an easy way to clean away properties you don’t really want in your catalog.


Lots of bug fixes and minor improvements. Thanks to everyone who has reported issues and submitted crash reports.

The most notable fixes are with the video detail mode where rearranged columns could lead to strange behavior. We also fixed a bug that prevented catalogs to be imported into empty catalogs and minor scripting API changes that fix some issues with large catalogs (>32k videos).

If you want the full list of improvements they are listed in the revision history in the documentation.