Fast Video Cataloger (FVC) helps you organize your local video collection, find videos quicker, and get more done in less time. FVC keeps a metadata catalog of all your videos, and you can search your entire collection and preview thumbnail timelines even if the video media is not connected.
Here are three new key features added in FVC 8.6

1. Video playlists
Export playlists is now a simple step-by-step wizard. The playlist support in FVC lets you draft a timeline of videos playing from sections of videos in your collection, even if they have different file formats and dimensions. You can export your playlist to video editing software in standard formats, and you can also let the software copy the videos in that playlist to a single folder, making it easy to import into any editing software.


2. Video Bins
The video bins window now supports column customization and can display extended properties. Extended properties are custom properties you want to store with videos for your catalog. The program also supports the import of XMP and other video metadata as extended properties (enabled from the video indexing tab in preferences.)

3 Project notes
You can now store project notes with your catalog. Use this to write notes about the current status of a project, guidelines, or any other relevant information you need stored with a catalog.

Besides these three key features, we also have lots of minor optimization, bug fixes and smaller improvemens.

Download the latest version of FVC from or if you already have the program installed, click update from the help menu.

Fast Video Cataloger 8.6