Catalog thousands of video clips and organize your collection automatically in minutes!

10 Features for Video Editors

Fast video cataloger is a great complementary tool for anyone editing videos.

Fast Video Cataloger 8

New in the 8.x version of Fast Video Cataloger:

  • Integrated video file manager to keep your catalog organized as you move files.
  • Indexing always running in a separate process, for improved stability.
  • XMP metadata extraction including xmp ( optional from preferences ).
  • Assign keywords based on video paths.
  • Expanded playlist functionality including exports in xml or edl.
  • Extended the C# script API with indexing callback functionality
  • Video Wall

    When using the Video wall you get a massive preview of your entire video catalog at once. It loops through all your videoscenes in all your videos from start to end. DoubleClick to get all the videoscenes for that video and of course, you can play directly from each scene.
    The thumbnails are shortcuts to a time in a video so you can use them to go directly to specific scenes just by clicking them.

    The video wall come in two versions:

  • Attract video wall shows a random selection of videos from your collection, this is great for discovering content in large collections.
  • Video wall lets you scroll videos from the videos in your current search. Best of all, the video wall works without accessing the video files allowing you to show a wall of hundreds of videos with maintained performance.
  • Video player

    The video player in Fast video cataloger supports just about all common video formats like: mp4, avi, wmv, rm, mov and, it supports directshow codecs. Right-click the capture button to capture that image as a JPG. The burst capture feature allows you to capture 10 or even more clips in a row starting with the current video scene thumbnail. If you have madvr installed it can make use of it to provide superior video quality using your graphics card. You can play video in fullscreen mode and you can arrange your own layout with the video player on a secondary screen with the rest of the user interface on other screens. The internal player of Fast Video Cataloger allows changing playback speed(4X, 2X, 0.5X, 0.25X, 0,125). 

    Video Search

    A video can have associated keywords that allow you to filter your catalog quickly. The wall of video scene thumbnails for each video allows you to quickly and easily enrich your catalog with keywords. The power of this approach is demonstrated in this clip by filtering out all scenes with a particular character in the example videos. Searches can be saved for later, and you can search on whole videos or individual frames in videos. The interactive search allows you a compact way to quickly narrow down a selection.

    Video asset management

    Fast Video Cataloger is digital asset management software that we have created to deal with the ever growing amount of video content. It can handle thousands of video clips on ordinary computers (Windows only). A wall of thumbnail images shows moments or scenes in each video enabling a visual search. The images in the wall can be clicked to start playing your video clip from that point.

    Showing off the new look of Fast Video Cataloger 6 as well as some of the new features like dynamic size on thumbnails and the awesome internal video player. Note that this has been further improved on in Fast video cataloger, released after this video was made.