In the dynamic world of video editing, efficiency, and seamless integration are the keystones of a successful creative process. As video editors, you understand the critical role that a well-organized toolkit plays in elevating your workflow. Thanks to great feedback from all of you, we introduce Fast Video Cataloger 8.6 with a stronger integration in mind.

Get ready for a game-changing upgrade – Fast Video Cataloger 8.6 is here soon, and it’s all about boosting your editing game.

Seamless Integration: We heard you. Fast Video Cataloger 8.6 bridges the gap between cataloging and editing. Tag, curate, and catalog with precision, then effortlessly copy playlists to designated folders for instant import into Resolve and other key platforms.

Efficiency Redefined: Say goodbye to manual transfers and wasted time. Fast Video Cataloger 8.6 keeps you focused on creating top-notch content.

Your Tech-Forward Solution: This isn’t just an update; it’s a leap forward in video editing. Stay tuned for more tech insights that will reshape your editing experience and keep the great input coming. We listen and evolve the software.

Stay tuned for the release – it’s time to transform your workflow.

Fast Video Cataloger

Fast video cataloger 8.6 is soon available for download