Update by clicking Update in the software or visit https://videocataloger.com/download if you are new to the software.

Video File Organizer

New in this version is a complete rewrite of the integrated file organizer. It still looks very similar to the windows file organizer, but the integrated organizer ensures that your catalog is automatically updated as you work with your video files. It now also makes it easy to play videos, not in your catalog and then add them with the click of a button.

video file organizer


The new SmartBins feature helps you organize videos automatically into bins from a set search query. The bins get updated as you add videos to your catalog. A SmartBin could, for example, use XMP data to sort all new videos from a specific video camera into a bin.

video smart bin

XMP Extended properties

We have improved the support for Extended properties, including XMP video data. Extended properties are now sorted into folders that help if you have many properties. In the search window we also list all the possible values an extended property has in the catalog.

xmp video search

These are the big improvements, but there are a lot and lots of other minor improvements and bug fixes. Check the documentation for the complete list.