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Version Highlights

New in the 6.1x version of Fast Video Cataloger

  • Add your own extended properties to thumbnails, for example, a description.
  • Create virtual video playlists. A virtual video playlist is a combination of segments from videos in your catalog. This feature has been requested as a way to quickly create drafts for video editing. But I am sure you can find it useful for other reasons as well. We also added API support for it if you are writing scripts.

New in the 6.0x version of Fast Video Cataloger

  • We have redone the user interface to make it easier to get started for new users and more efficient for experienced users. We kept all the advanced features from previous version so you can still save layouts over one or several computer screens.
  • We have added a general “Search All” functionality for quick searches.
  • We now automatically extract meta data from the video file, like how its compressed, video dimension and so on. Meta data is stored as extended video properties and can be enabled / disabled from the preferences.
  • You can now reassign shortcuts to your liking.

New in the 5.2x version of Fast Video Cataloger

  • Added new “Preview” windows for companion images. The preview window shows the currently selected companion image. Move the image with the mouse and zoom with the mouse wheel.
  • Added new “Companion image browser” windows for companion images. In the companion image bro3wser you can can view all companion images for a video and manage them easier.
  • Extended script interface. Support for refreshing UI on demand and to index videos
  • Added more video scripting examples and extended the documentation

New in the 5.0x version of Fast Video Cataloger

  • 64 bit, i.e. allow for higher resolution videos and thumbnails.
  • Improved performance.
  • Scripting support.
  • Improved search.
  • Custom extended video properties.
  • New keyword manager and keyword colors.

New in the 4.3 version of Fast Video Cataloger

  • Improvements to the integrated video player.
  • Integrated video player now supports MadVR (To improve video quality).

New in the 4.2 version of Fast Video Cataloger

  • Improvements to the search engine, its faster, much more powerful and queries can be saved and reused later.
  • Keywording and layouts has been simplified and is easier to use.
  • Documentation update and hopefully easier to follow.

New in the 4.12 version of Fast Video Cataloger

  • Improvements to the indexing engine. If you had problem indexing some videos with previous version please try it again with this update.
  • New functionality to export to csv files.
  • New functionality to save a video as a jpeg contact sheet image.
  • New functionality to import actors based on a folder structure.
  • Tweaks to the user interface to make more space for video content, most notable here is that the title bar of the program is gone.
  • Preparation for Windows 10 anniversity update.