This update is now available for download, it is focused on enhancing your video cataloging experience by addressing various reported issues.

1. MadVR Freeze Fixed:

  • Resolved the strange freezes when attempting to use MadVR as a video renderer.

2. Thumbnail Hovering Hassles Begone:

  • We’ve fixed the pesky problem of software freezing when hovering over video thumbnails while scanning folders in the add video window.

3. Color Consistency on Action Buttons:

  • Adjusting the background color on a color action button will no longer affect the text color. We’ve addressed this issue and thank all users who pointed us in the right direction.

4. Active Window, Clear Border:

  • Visually improved experience as the border now dynamically changes color when the main VideoCataloger window is active.

5. Shortcut Window Reopens with Ease:

  • We’ve fixed the glitch where closing the shortcut window with the cross-close button prevented it from reopening until the entire program was restarted.

6. Rare Crash, No More:

  • Our team tackled a rare crash in the integrated video player, a stable environment for your video cataloging tasks. Stability – 1, Crashes – 0:-)

7. Repair Video Wizard Enhanced:

  • The repair video wizard now boasts better error handling and an additional check to guarantee the proper writing of the catalog during the repair process.

Upgrade Now for a Seamless Video Cataloging Experience!

Don’t miss out on the enhanced stability and bug fixes brought by VideoCataloger 8.6.5. Upgrade now to enjoy a smoother, more reliable video cataloging experience.

Thank you for your continued support, and as always, feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or suggestions. We already have some good feedback in our Discord community

Happy video cataloging!