Fast Video Cataloger is the perfect solution for home and small businesses that have a large collection of video files. The software is efficient and very fast, making it ideal for searching through large collections of video files. Fast Video Cataloger allows you to browse, search and manage your video files as well as create evenly spaced thumbnails to search through large collections of video clips.

Find the right scenes fast

Navigate your videos fast and smart. Fast video cataloger supports several ways of finding video or scene inside huge video collections.

Extend with custom meta data

Add custom metadata to videos and customize your catalogs. Companies using Fast Video Cataloger often need to store some company-specific meta data with the video. You can add extra fields to your catalog and store custom meta data with your video. And you can search of that data or access it in custom solutions through the scripting interface.

Customize with scripting

Fast video cataloger supports scripting in C#. Customize the program or use it as a base to build your own video solutions. Documentation and samples are included with the installation.

Play from video thumbnails

Fast video cataloger comes with an integrated video player that can start playing videos right from the time of a captured thumbnail.


Contact sheet images for Printable and shareable contact sheet images make up overviews of your videos for discussions, presentations, and notes. Search for duplicated videos. Integrated video file organizer. Organize photos and actor data.

Flexible video Keywording

Keywording on videos and scenes will support your workflow, empower your team, and make your work on videos faster.


Fast video cataloger has integrated server support. From the Share menu you can easily share a catalog locally or over the internet so your whole team can work in the same catalog.

Work disconnected

With a Fast video cataloger database you can search your entire video catalog even when video files are disconnected. This allows you to search reels on secondary storage devices. Once you know where the video is archived simply connect the right device and go to work.

Your ideal workspace

The user interface in Fast video cataloger is very flexible. You can customize it to only show the screens with the functions you need. You can set up multiple configurations and quickly switch between them, and you can create your ideal set up across one or several computer screens. When working with videos, you can make the most out of the screen estate you have available.

World-Class Video Database

Everyday video professionals save time when they can quickly find tutorial videos, presentation recordings, stock videos, marketing videos, or even old vacation videos. With Fast video cataloger, you can build a local meta-database that lets you organize all your videos and photos with keyword tags. Thumbnails are indexed automatically to give you an instant overview of the entire video file. The program lets you organize the videos without touching the video files. They never leave the security of your computer system.

The basics

Filtered list of videos

Search videos and get a filtered list of videos with key properties. Each video is represented with a thumbnail you select.

Column view

Click the columns in the list to sort the list. Drag the columns to get larger or smaller thumbnail. Or you can switch to icon view to get a more visual overview. We even have a Video wall that shows each video in time lapse view.

Layouts for one or more screens

You can easily design your own layout across one or several computer screens. And, the program allows you to have different layouts and switch between them instantly. Different tasks require different tools, the layout system lets you customize the software for the task you need to do, regardless if it is : adding video, keywording, viewing videos or simply just browsing videos for inspiration.

Video thumbnails

When you click the video in the list you get the whole video presented by thumbnails. Thumbnails are extracted automatically and you can add more where you want them.

Play from thumbnail

Click any thumbnail to jump to that time in the video and play from there.

Video player

The integrated video player support all common video formats. You can play video in fullscreen and from the Camera icon you can add a new thumbnail to the video overview.