Fast Video Cataloger – Screenshots

Video player in FVC 7

Play easily from any video scene with our special player in Fast Video Cataloger. Capture new video scene thumbnails with one click 

Find the right videos fast in FVC 7

You will find the right videos fast in FVC 7 and get access to the the right video scenes from your entire video catalog with the Search window.

Keywording is easier in FVC 7

Set keywords to specific video scenes or an entire video to easily find what you are looking for

Skip between parts in long videos

Use the scenes window to skip to the right part in the conference videos


Fast overview of the entire clip in 1 second

You can visually browse through 100 videos in 100 seconds using the automatically captured video frames that represents each video

detalis on the video clip is easy to get in FVC 7

You can quickly get the details on the video clip via the details window in FVC 7


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