Playing and Editing video collections in Fast Video Cataloger

Fast and Easy Video Playing

The integrated player is a powerful feature in Fast Video Cataloger. Using the integrated player, playing your videos is fast and easy. We recommend using the integrated player because it enables you to continue managing your videos while simultaneously viewing the video with a full featured video player, without interrupting your process.

Beginning Playback

To begin playing a video, double click the video thumbnail from the Video Catalog Window. You may also double click on any video scene thumbnail for any Video Scene to begin playing the video at the time segment matching the thumbnail.

Resizing The Window and Full Screen Playback

To resize the player screen, click the upper gray border, hold the mouse button down, and drag the border to the new desired size. You can also click the Fullscreen or Restore buttons, found in the lower right corner of the player window.

Creating a Thumbnail

Click the button representing the camera to create a thumbnail of the current video image. This button is also found in the lower right corner of the the player window.

Controlling the Volume

You may change the volume in the integrated player. This makes it easy to multitask (for example, listen to music or watch another video) while managing videos because the workflow is not interrupted to change the volume of the player.

Using an External Player

Your favorite external player is also within easy reach. After configuring the details in Preferences, you can open the configured external player by right clicking on the video in the Video Details Pane.

Additionally, you can open your favorite player through the Actions Pane. There you will find other buttons at the bottom of the Details tab in the Video Details Pane.

Open Folder provides quick access to the containing the video file. This is convenient as it allows you to use view the video from Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, or any other player.

Removing a Video from the Video Player can also be accomplished through this group of buttons.

Using the integrated Video Player is the recommended method for playing a video from your video catalog, however Fast Video Cataloger makes every effort to simplify and automate the entire process of playing in any player or editing a video using any editor.

Editing Videos

An options for a video editor are also available in the Preferences dialog. Configuring this enables you to edit a video as you are viewing it in the Video Player window. To edit the video, use the Edit button, found at the bottom of the Details tab in the Video Details Pane.

Keywords for easy navigation in your video collection

Keywords and videos

Adding Keywords to Your Videos in Fast Video Cataloger

A core feature in Fast Video Cataloger is keywording. This feature permits users to associate relevant keywords with videos in the collection. The keywords, also known as tags, help find videos by enabling you to search for videos associated to the chosen keywords. To improve the searching capabilities, you may also apply keywords to individual scenes in the video.

The Keywording Window

The Keywording window is divided into 3 sections. The top area has three radio buttons. This section’s options are “Tag Video”, “Tag Selected Scene(s)”, and “Tag Both”. By using the first option, only the video will be tagged using the information from the next two sections. Clicking on the second option, “Tag Selected Scene(s)”, will cause the keywords to only be associated with the selected scenes. Using the last option tags both the selected scenes and the entire video with the keywords.

Beneath the radio buttons you will find a drop down menu. The menu will be a list of previously used tags. You may select a tag you have already used, or you may instead type a new keyword in this area.

The bottom section of the Keywording window presents a list of suggested tags and keywords Fast Video Cataloger believes would be useful. You may click on any of the items in the Suggestions box to add the keyword to the Video, Selected Scenes, or both as selected using the radio button at the top of the Keywording window. As your video collection grows and you continue to build your list of keywords, Fast Video Cataloger is able to present a greater number of significant suggestions. This makes the speed at which videos are cataloged using Fast Video Cataloger continue to improve as you add more videos and keywords. We strongly suggest Keywording as many significant keywords to your videos as possible. We also encourage you to specify relevant and common keywords to the individual scenes. By doing so, you will be able to find specific scenes, and do so much more quickly.

Video clip control center

View your videos - better, faster and more efficientlyFast Video Cataloger isn’t just for keeping your collection organized. It can also be used to play any of the videos in your collection. The program comes with its own internal video player that can do any of the things a normal video player can do. Don’t like the integrated video player? You can tell Fast Video Cataloger to play your videos with your player of choice simply by letting FVC know where your video player is on your hard drive. From then on any videos you play in the video browser will open in whatever program you choose instead of the integrated player. Keeping all your video media organized on your computer has never been easier.

Easy browsing of your video collection

Have a favorite scene in a movie? Fast Video Player automatically segments any video files into scenes for easy browsing, and it generates a thumbnail for each of them. Any video can be started at any time from any thumbnail. The best scenes in any video are just a click away. You can also add keywords to any scene to make it even easier to find those particularly good parts. Don’t like the thumbnails the program generated for your favorite scene? Go ahead and change them at any time. Don’t like the segments FVC has divided your favorite video into? You can change those at any time just as easily as you would change the thumbnail. You can also add your video editing tools to the FVS browser and start them right from any thumbnail. These technologies make FVS ideal for finding specific parts in any large video collection. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without all these tools at your disposal.

Easy video tools

All of the tools inside of Fast Video Cataloger are so easy to use, you may be surprised to read that you can be getting started in as little as three minutes! Using these quick start guides, you’ll be off and running before you know it. Your video collection won’t know what hit it! Soon you will be able to quickly and easily glide through your entire video archive. Using the embedded video player or one of your own choosing, you’ll have access to your videos in not just an easy to navigate package, but specific parts of your videos at a glance. If you find yourself doing lots of video editing across multiple videos, you’ll soon realise how much more efficient you’ve become.

Get your video collection in order inside a catalog

captured frames from video

Creating a New Catalog in Fast Video Cataloger

Fast Video Cataloger permits users to manage vast collections of videos in a single catalog. The program also has an additional feature, allowing you to manage multiple catalogs. The uses are unlimited. An example of this feature being used could include a video editor who deals with multiple publishing and production companies. The video editor can have a separate catalog in Fast Video Cataloger for each publisher or producer. This will make it easy for the user to manage, find, scan, search, and sort through videos relevant to a particular producer or publisher.

Storage Location

Each catalog is stored as an individual file in a folder. The video catalog file will contain all details about the videos, but not the video files. You can choose any folder on any writable medium, such as a USB flash drive, your hard drive, a DVD-RAM disk, or an external hard drive connected via Firewire or USB. In addition to choosing any folder, you are also able to name the catalog file anything you desire as long as it is a valid filename. You can store your catalog files in any folder, however we encourage you to create a new folder as a single centralized location for storing all of your Fast Video Cataloger catalog files.

Steps for Creating a New Catalog

  1. When you are ready to create the new catalog, use the File menu in the upper left corner and then select New.
  2. After the “Create new catalog” dialog appears, click the “Pick Catalog File Location” button in the lower right corner.
  3. Select an existing folder or create a new folder location and then enter a filename for the catalog.

Moving the Catalog File to a New Location

It is possible to move a catalog file to a new location. To do this safely and with the least chance of data loss, it is best to close Fast Video Cataloger before beginning.

  1. Close FVC using the File menu or the X in the upper right corner of the window.
  2. Locate the file in Windows Explorer. Click once to select the file, and then use the right mouse button on the icon to Copy the file to the clipboard.
  3. Open the new location. Then using the right mouse button again, Paste the catalog file into the new destination.
  4. After the copy is complete, launch the Fast Video Cataloger program. Then use the File menu to select Open. When the Open dialog appears, select the new location and copied Video Catalog file.
  5. After confirming the catalog opens from its new location, you may delete the file from the original location.

Enjoy the pleasure of your videos the way it should be enjoyed