Fast video cataloger 6.24

We just uploaded fast video cataloger 6.24, get it from We improved the help for new users and added help to the preferences. The C# videoindexer scripting interface has got an extension. It is now easier to add whole folders of videos just as if you are using the graphical user interface and add a folder from the add video window.

File organizer

The video File Organizer in Fast video cataloger allows you to manage the videos on your computer while still keeping your catalog up-to-date. You can move a video file that is part of your catalog by dragging it from the Video Catalog window to a folder in the File Organizer window.

Video wall

The Video Wall is a really efficient way to browse videos. You view your videos as animated thumbnails where the thumbnails of the video are quickly cycled through. There are Not many settings to care about but the available are described on the video wall preferences page.