Search Video Actors

Search video actors with Google

This text will show you step by step how to add a custom button in Fast Video cataloger that will let you google results for the currently selected actor.

Custom Actions in Fast video cataloger allow you to easily extend the functionality.

You can extend the program to launch web pages, launch external programs, or for more advanced scenarios launch c# scripts with full access to the complete video database.

In this example, I will show how you can search google on the currently selected Actor.

The basic Googles URL for searches is this:

The text after q= is the query, and if you have more than one term just use a + in between them.

In Fast video cataloger, go to preferences and to the Action Tab.

Action tab in preferences

Click “Add” to create a new action.

On the first tab, Enter “Google Actor” as a label. And for tooltip enter “Google the selected Actor”

Title for the actor search button

Click on the “Execute” tab and change the drop-down list to “Web Page”

For URL Enter:

site of the the search engine

Click the Arguments tab.

For arguments enter : q={actor_firstname}+{actor_lastname}

Enter the url arguments to pass in the first and last name of the actor.

Click OK to close the window. And ok again to close the preferences.

From the view menu, open the Action window.

Open the “Custom Actions” expander and you should have a button “Google Actor”

The new search actor button is in the action window.

Select an Actor in the Actor window, click the “Google Actor” button and the browser window in fast video cataloger should show you the result.

Must have video software 2020

This article lists great pieces of video software. Some of the listed programs are not that well known, but they will all help you to be way more efficient in your video work or get more out of your video collection. All recommendations are for Windows PC.

Fast Video Cataloger 7

What is it?

Fast video cataloger is a video database software that lets you keep all your videos in one single place. You can quickly search to find what you are looking for and get a thumbnail timeline overview of the entire video clip. Fast video cataloger is your video command center. We are biased here as you are on the Fast video cataloger site.

Why do you need it?

Do quickly find what you are looking for and be more efficient when working with videos.

Where to get it?

Find out more and download the video software here

Download resources


What is it?

Video Downloadhelper is a web browser extension that will help you download videos from the internet. Once installed, you get an extra button in your web browser, and you can easily download the playing video file.

Why do it need it?

Use it to download videos to your computer. Ensure you have access to the video even if the site currently hosting it is no longer available.

Where to get it

Find out more and download the video downloader software here

video editor


What is it?

A free simple video editor for doing quick basic video edits. Easier to get into than the more advanced commercial software.

Why do it need it?

To do simple video edits like cutting a video, re-encode a video or apply filters.

Where to get it?

Find out more and download the video editor software here


What is it?

Camtasia is a video screen recorder and editor. We use Camtasia to create our tutorial videos.

Why do you need it?

To create screen recorder videos, or just as an easy to use video editor.

Where to get it?

Find out more and download the Camtasia video editor software here

video player


What is it?

MadVR is a video renderer that uses your graphics card to improve the quality of the video output. To use MadVR, you need a compatible video player. The integrated video player in Fast video cataloger supports MadVR, but you need to select it from preferences after installing it on your computer.

Why do you need it?

If you have videos that are in lower resolution, using MadVR as a renderer will make a huge difference.

Where to get it?

Find out more and download the video renderer software here

Smooth video project

What is it?

A Video player that does realtime conversion to 60 fps or higher to produce smother playback though framerate interpolation.

Why do you need it?

To play videos at a higher framerate.

Where to get it?

Find out more and download the video player software here

python video tools


What is it?

A command-line tool for video operations. You can convert between video formats, extract audios, fix broken videos, and much more. FFmpeg has a bit of a learning curve, and you need to run it from the command line. It is easy to create actions in Fast video cataloger to launch common FFmpeg commands on the selected video if you prefer to work with a graphical user interface.

Why do you need it?

The easiest way to do simple video conversions and a potent tool once you expand your knowledge.

Where to get it?

Find out more and download the video software here. You might also want to have a look at Loss-less cut, a GUI framework on top of ffmpeg to do lossless trimming and cutting of video and audio files,


What is it?

A program that detects where scenes in videos change.

Why do you need it?

To split a large video file into one clip per scene.

where to get it

Find out more and download the video software here

Bulk Rename utility

What is it?

A program that lets you quickly rename a lot of files in really advanced ways. Make sure to run this tool before adding your files to Fast video cataloger. In Fast video cataloger, you don’t need to care about the name of files, but it can still be nice to order your files if you still do some work outside of Fast Video Cataloger.

Why do you need it?

If you have a lot of files with nonsense names like you, get from mobile phones.

Where to get it?

Find out more and download the tool here


Fast Video Cataloger 6.33 – Exclude videos with keyword

A new version of Fast video cataloger is now available from the download page

Search – Exclude keywords

You can now exclude videos matching keywords from the search result. You find this option in the search window below the keywords. This excludes filter works on the set of filtered videos. For example, when you search for all videos matching an actor you can exclude videos that have specific keywords. If you search for a keyword and exclude that keyword, the exclusion will take priority.

Search – Actors

The actor search now supports search on Actor Bio and Actor Link.

The Actor window now only load visible portraits to save memory for catalogs with lots of actors. And, we extended the script API with a new SearchActor() function. Make sure to check out our previous blog post on how to write a script to import actors from an external movie database.


Talking about scripting. we updated Console writing so it can be done from any thread in a script, for example from a browser callback. I also added some more documentation on the exposed browser. We will write a more detailed post on how you can use it later but it is all working in the current build if you want to try it. Running scripts from an action button always gave an error message, this is fixed.

Meta data in files is faster

Writing metadata to video files (enable from the metadata preference page) is now done in a background thread and is faster.

Video player

We fixed an issue when you clicking on the seek bar while a video was playing and that click was ignored. There were scaling issues when using the vmr9 video player could happen if there was a big difference between the video aspect ratio and the window aspect ratio. Changed order of vmr7 and vmr9 in the preferences ( The recommendation is still to prefer the direct option )

Fast video cataloger 6.24

We just uploaded fast video cataloger 6.24, get it from We improved the help for new users and added help to the preferences. The C# videoindexer scripting interface has got an extension. It is now easier to add whole folders of videos just as if you are using the graphical user interface and add a folder from the add video window.