Fast and Easy Video Playing

The integrated player is a powerful feature in Fast Video Cataloger. Using the integrated player, playing your videos is fast and easy. We recommend using the integrated player because it enables you to continue managing your videos while simultaneously viewing the video with a full featured video player, without interrupting your process.

Beginning Playback

To begin playing a video, double click the video thumbnail from the Video Catalog Window. You may also double click on any video scene thumbnail for any Video Scene to begin playing the video at the time segment matching the thumbnail.

Resizing The Window and Full Screen Playback

To resize the player screen, click the upper gray border, hold the mouse button down, and drag the border to the new desired size. You can also click the Fullscreen or Restore buttons, found in the lower right corner of the player window.

Creating a Thumbnail

Click the button representing the camera to create a thumbnail of the current video image. This button is also found in the lower right corner of the the player window.

Controlling the Volume

You may change the volume in the integrated player. This makes it easy to multitask (for example, listen to music or watch another video) while managing videos because the workflow is not interrupted to change the volume of the player.

Using an External Player

Your favorite external player is also within easy reach. After configuring the details in Preferences, you can open the configured external player by right clicking on the video in the Video Details Pane.

Additionally, you can open your favorite player through the Actions Pane. There you will find other buttons at the bottom of the Details tab in the Video Details Pane.

Open Folder provides quick access to the containing the video file. This is convenient as it allows you to use view the video from Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, or any other player.

Removing a Video from the Video Player can also be accomplished through this group of buttons.

Using the integrated Video Player is the recommended method for playing a video from your video catalog, however Fast Video Cataloger makes every effort to simplify and automate the entire process of playing in any player or editing a video using any editor.

Editing Videos

An options for a video editor are also available in the Preferences dialog. Configuring this enables you to edit a video as you are viewing it in the Video Player window. To edit the video, use the Edit button, found at the bottom of the Details tab in the Video Details Pane.