We are constantly working to improve the fast video cataloger software. Among the most recent improvement are the Video wall Window and the ability to have a bunch of user layouts that you can quickly switch between.

Here is a little insight into what we are currently doing to improve the program, all the things we have planned are the result from user feedback. If you have ideas on how to improve the program feel free to contact us and share your suggestion, we read all mails!

The video wall allows you to watch a time laps view of all your videos, it is the quickest way that I know of to browse through a lots of videos. The video wall is actually a first step to the next major update to Fast video cataloger, what we are working on right now. Video wall was supposed to be part of this update but it turned out so well that we did an intermediate release with just this function (try it yourself by downloading fast video cataloger http://videocataloger.com/download ).

The next focus in our roadmap is to add attract windows for actors, covers and videos. The attract windows will present your video catalog automatically in an interesting way. The attract windows will help you enjoy and discover your content and I am pretty excited about this new feature. You will probably want to setup a special layout for the attract windows.

When we have completed the attract windows the next thing on our list is a new tool to check for duplicate content. If you have a large catalog it is pretty easy to have the same video saved from two different folder. We want to add a tool to automatically detect this case and merge the two videos in the catalog.

After that we will do a pass on improving search and filtering. We have a bunch of ideas on what could be better but we have not yet decided on the details, again, feedback is very welcome.