Fast video cataloger development

My name is Fredrik Lönn and I am the developer of Fast Video Cataloger. This is the first post in a series of post about the development of Fast Video Cataloger. You will be able to follow how the next version of Fast video cataloger is taking form.

If you are reading this I assume you have tested the program ( if you don’t know what I am talking about you head over to the web page and download the free trial version to test the program ( or you are probably on the wrong web page entirely).

So, assuming you know what Fast video cataloger is about…

One of the improvement in the next version of FVC will be support for adding companion images like covers to your videos. I have added a new companion image window that you can arrange (or turn off if you don’t care….) as you like. Whenever you select a video the companion image window will show a slideshow all companion images.


companion image window

Companion image window in fast video cataloger

I expect that one of the most common use of the companion images will be for setting cover images. So today I kind of changed the companion window to make it dual purpose. In the middle of the window there is a splitter so the top part of the window now shows the cover images and the bottom holds companion images. You can arrange the splitter as you like to either show both cover and companion images.

I could have made two different window for this. The advantage would obviously be that you can arrange them as you would. The disadvantage is that window borders take space, I think this will be a good tradeoff between functionality and screen space.


How to install the CCCP codec

CCCP Codec pack

Since the Codecs are vital when working with or using video clips on your PC it important that you are covered as good as possible. This was troublesome in the old days but nowadays it is quite simple. The friendly people at the CCCP-Project have made it very easy to get rid of the codec problem in one simple install. Follow this youtube video by the user Dalaiyoda if you want a 90 second understanding of what I mean with simple install.

You own opinion

Please read more about CCCP and create your own opinion before taking my word for it. Wikipedia is a very good starting point with lots of links and resources on the subject of codec packs. To the CCCP page of Wikipedia

How to add a new thumbnail from a video clip in Fast Video Cataloger

Multiple thumbnails per video with video list in fast Video CatalogerTo capture one or more new thumbnails from a video clip you use the Capture button inside the Player. Depending on your use of Fast Video Cataloger you may want to watch your newly indexed video clips and capture thumbnails on all important parts of the clip.
If you wish your thumbnail to be precise you can use the pause button and then press capture when the video clip is in paused mode or simply press capture many times in a row and then delete the thumbnails you don’t wish to keep.
You can choose to let your new thumbnail or any thumbnail represent the whole video clip in the Video Catalog list. This is achieved by right clicking the thumbnail and choose “Use as Video Thumbnail”. You will see the new Video thumbnail replacing the old one instantly.
All thumbnails can carry keywords that makes filtering and searching for scenes very easy. You add a keyword by right clicking on your thumbnail or by clicking on the Keywording side menu for the Selected video (this resides to the right of your screen)

How long is the the ideal video clip?

With the easy creation of videoclips today and the ever growing amount of video clips available out there, it is quite important to make videos interesting otherwise they will not be viewed much at all. But before you press the play button you probably look for the lenght of the videoclip, to make sure it has a duration you can afford to invest of time wise. For me this value various depending on topic, mood and other external factors. To learn more and get a bit scientific about the subject here is a good post by the people at WebVideoCrew that actually have some interesting facts that applies in general.

Seth Godin on Rental vs Owning

I want to point your attention to a short but valuable post on “Owning vs. renting” by the thinker Seth Godin. Seth has a way of feeding new dimensions into obvious topic. I read in “Be good” and “Keep learning” into this message. You cant and should take advantage in an unfair manner of the position you or your product have since you will find your “rented position” cancelled by your customers, users or competition if you do not behave correctly or if time leave you behind.