Auto Keywording

Auto keywording

Let Fast video cataloger Assign keywords to the videos based on the complete path during video indexing. When this feature is enabled, you can view a preview of the tags a video will get as a column on the add video window.

Add Keyword from video path

This checkbox enabled the functionality. This checkbox is also mirrored on the “Video indexer” property page.

Allow creation of new keywords

The program will use the path to create new keywords when this option is checked. If this is not checked, the program will use the path to get a list of possible keywords, but it will only assign keywords already used in the catalog. For example, if a video is in the cat folder and this checkbox is checked, it will get the keyword “cat”. If the same were indexed without this checkbox, it would not get the keyword “cat” unless some other video in the catalog had previously been tagged as a cat.

Take Keywords from inside brackets

When this option is enabled, only keywords inside of [] will be considered for auto keywording.

Allow integer tags

When this option is checked, the program will consider numbers as tags.

Trim numbers from start of tag

When this is checked, any number at the end of a word will be removed.

Trim numbers from end of tag

When this is checked, any number at the start of a word will be removed.

Keywords need to be at least xxx

Do not add any keywords that have fewer characters than the specified length.

Word to be ignored

This section allows you to add keywords that will never be used as a keyword for a video by this function.

Test with path

In this section, you can enter a path to test what keywords would be assigned to the video if it was indexed.

auto keywording

Assign keywords automatically to videos.