Fast video cataloger 4.4 makes it easy for companies to manage video clip assets

A new version of fast video cataloger is available today to download from Fast video cataloger 4.4 is a program that makes it easy to create a local video clip database. Small to medium sized companies no longer have to manage and configure servers or signup to expensive monthly cloud solutions to leverage their video clip assets.

The 4.4 update of fast video cataloger is free for all customers.

A free trial is available to download.

This version does not have a lot of new big features. However, it has improvements to make it easier on new users and it has a number of fixes to reported issues.

In the past many new Fast video cataloger users think the program is intimidating at first. This has a lot to do with the focus we have in the software on workflows and efficiency. We want to keep the program as user configurable as possible and we always try to save on screen space. That does mean that the program can be a bit intimidating to first time users.

New start window and tutorial

In the fast video cataloguer 4.4 we have tried to ease in new users with a new start dialog and a reworked tutorial. The start window clearly let you create a new catalog file or load a catalog. You can still let the program automatically load the last catalog with an option on the general tab in the preference dialog. When a new catalog is created you will get a “tutorial” to help you get started.

Among the other improvements…

  • We have added shortcuts so among other things it is now possible to quickly jump to the next video and the next thumbnail from the keyboard.
  • The attract windows has got file context menus just like the normal video catalog window.
  • Fixes to the video autotagging feature.

Cloud drive support

In 4.35 we added support for Dropbox and OneDrive. The program will recognize video paths on these cloud drives and keep them correct if you move a catalog to another computer that share the same cloud account. We do not recommend you to put the catalog file on a cloud drive as the cloud syncing will risk overwriting changes.

We hope you enjoy this update and as usual do let us know what you think about the program and if there is any new features you would like to see in future versions.

Hotkeys to manage video clips

hotkeysFast Video Cataloger is an extremely easy program to use, the interface is very simple. You may need to get things done much faster than simple clicks will allow. That’s why Fast Video Cataloger uses keyboard shortcuts to aid in ease of use and makes your experience as fast and efficient as possible. Using these shortcuts will make your life a whole lot easier.

Ctrl+N Will allow you to create a new video catalog so you can sort and organize your collection inside Fast Video Catalog much easier.

Ctrl+O lets you browse your existing catalogs and then select which one to open. This option opens the dialogue from the drop down menu.

Ctrl+P opens up the preferences menu where all the options for Fast Video Catalog are. These allow you to tailor your experience to your needs and make the program work for you.

CTRL+Q will create a new actor. Actors allow a new way to tag your videos so you can find the one you want even faster.

F1 will open the help menu. This has tons of information about what features are available in Fast Video Cataloger and how to use them properly.

Ctrl+F will bring up the filter options. These will filter your browser windows by whatever filter you select. You can filter by file size, video length, and actor or even by name.

ALT+DELETE will stop whatever video is currently playing in its entirety, bringing you back to the video browser.

ALT+SPACE merely pauses whatever video you are watching, rather than stop it, so that it may be resumed at that same spot whenever you would like.

Ctrl+S in order to save whatever current video frame is playing to your library of thumbnails so you can more easily find that part later.

ALT+ENTER will make whatever you are looking at in Fast Video Catalog enter full screen mode. Be it a video or just the browser. You can exit full screen mode by hitting the escape key.

Hotkeys are universally useful and learning them is just the first part of using your programs more efficiently, especially Fast Video Cataloger. Once you get used to using them you’ll find your computer experience and your video experience to be much better.

Let Actors enhance your video clip collection

castAdding actors is quite simple and there are three ways you can do this.  Actors don’t only have to be people they can be whatever you want.  The easiest way to add a new actor is to click on control and Q (CTRL+Q) at the same time and this will pop up your “Add new Actor” window.  Within this window you have the ability to name your actor with a first and last name, add a picture of your actor, with a bio and a tag.  You can copy and paste an image or choose one from your database. Another way to add actors is within the video.  If you capture a still shot of the actor within the video and right click on it you have the option to “use this image for a new actor portrait” click on this option and your actor window will appear.  At this point you have the portrait already, so just fill in the rest.  This is an excellent option because by using the portrait that you have pulled from within the video Fast Video Cataloger has already associated it with the video so the program automatically configures this for you.  One other way to choose actors for your video is to click on window and open your actor window.  This will enable you to control your actors and if you want a new actor from here simply click new. Now that you have created actors for your video you are going to want to complete the cast, this is the best way to keep your actors and cast more organize.  Go to “Window” then select “Selected Videos” and then “Cast” this will open a cast window for you.  For this part you will have to be sure you are looking at both the “Actor” window and “Cast” window at the same time.  There are a couple different ways to make this happen.  Within the program if you click on the window and drag it you can move it to be vertical or horizontally parallel to the other window.  You can also set the image to float on your desktop, to do this you click on the little triangle up in the right hand corner and this will give you a menu.  Choose the float option.  If you have a floating window you can move it anywhere on your desktop that you want.  Your goal for this is to be able to look at your actor window and your cast window at the same time. This comes in very handy if you are working with multiple programs at the same time.  The cast window will be blank when you first start.  To create your cast simply drag and drop your actors into your cast window.


Actor xOne of the most favorite features of Fast Video Cataloger is the ability to create actors. These are like “super tags” that you can use to organize your video collection, not actual people. Actors are an easy way to quickly find all your favorite videos and navigate your library. They don’t have to be people. Using the interface you can create an actor tag for anything: a company, series, a band or even a specific type of action in your videos.

How to create an actor?

To create an actor just right click on any of your videos in the video browser window and then click the option called “use image for new actor portrait”. Voila! You have just created a new actor for your list using that image as the portrait and your video library is on its way to being much easier to navigate. You can also create new actors by using the “new” button in the “actors” menu or even by using the drop down menus. You can also use drag-n-drop from your web browser to add an actor portrait.


When you create a new actor you can give that actor a first name, a last name and a description. You can even add tags to an actor for help. Tags are just another way The Fast Video Cataloger helps you stay organized to find your videos quickly. By creating tags you don’t even need to remember what the video you’re looking for is called. Enter any tag into the search dialogue and you’ll find it easily.


You have the ability to go into your list of actors and their descriptions then add them later if you can’t think of anything when you create them. The process is made easy for you from the start. From the list of your actors you can edit any of their details at any time. Fast Video Cataloger and the actor system make it very easy for you stay organized with your video archive.


You will not have the ability to dock the actor-adding window.  This is for your benefit because you will most likely be using it while in the video browser. By making the actor-add window not have the ability to dock you can use both at once! This makes organizing your video collection using Fast Video Cataloger a snap. Just one more way that makes keeping track of all your videos easier.