Actor xOne of the most favorite features of Fast Video Cataloger is the ability to create actors. These are like “super tags” that you can use to organize your video collection, not actual people. Actors are an easy way to quickly find all your favorite videos and navigate your library. They don’t have to be people. Using the interface you can create an actor tag for anything: a company, series, a band or even a specific type of action in your videos.

How to create an actor?

To create an actor just right click on any of your videos in the video browser window and then click the option called “use image for new actor portrait”. Voila! You have just created a new actor for your list using that image as the portrait and your video library is on its way to being much easier to navigate. You can also create new actors by using the “new” button in the “actors” menu or even by using the drop down menus. You can also use drag-n-drop from your web browser to add an actor portrait.


When you create a new actor you can give that actor a first name, a last name and a description. You can even add tags to an actor for help. Tags are just another way The Fast Video Cataloger helps you stay organized to find your videos quickly. By creating tags you don’t even need to remember what the video you’re looking for is called. Enter any tag into the search dialogue and you’ll find it easily.


You have the ability to go into your list of actors and their descriptions then add them later if you can’t think of anything when you create them. The process is made easy for you from the start. From the list of your actors you can edit any of their details at any time. Fast Video Cataloger and the actor system make it very easy for you stay organized with your video archive.


You will not have the ability to dock the actor-adding window.  This is for your benefit because you will most likely be using it while in the video browser. By making the actor-add window not have the ability to dock you can use both at once! This makes organizing your video collection using Fast Video Cataloger a snap. Just one more way that makes keeping track of all your videos easier.