castAdding actors is quite simple and there are three ways you can do this.  Actors don’t only have to be people they can be whatever you want.  The easiest way to add a new actor is to click on control and Q (CTRL+Q) at the same time and this will pop up your “Add new Actor” window.  Within this window you have the ability to name your actor with a first and last name, add a picture of your actor, with a bio and a tag.  You can copy and paste an image or choose one from your database. Another way to add actors is within the video.  If you capture a still shot of the actor within the video and right click on it you have the option to “use this image for a new actor portrait” click on this option and your actor window will appear.  At this point you have the portrait already, so just fill in the rest.  This is an excellent option because by using the portrait that you have pulled from within the video Fast Video Cataloger has already associated it with the video so the program automatically configures this for you.  One other way to choose actors for your video is to click on window and open your actor window.  This will enable you to control your actors and if you want a new actor from here simply click new. Now that you have created actors for your video you are going to want to complete the cast, this is the best way to keep your actors and cast more organize.  Go to “Window” then select “Selected Videos” and then “Cast” this will open a cast window for you.  For this part you will have to be sure you are looking at both the “Actor” window and “Cast” window at the same time.  There are a couple different ways to make this happen.  Within the program if you click on the window and drag it you can move it to be vertical or horizontally parallel to the other window.  You can also set the image to float on your desktop, to do this you click on the little triangle up in the right hand corner and this will give you a menu.  Choose the float option.  If you have a floating window you can move it anywhere on your desktop that you want.  Your goal for this is to be able to look at your actor window and your cast window at the same time. This comes in very handy if you are working with multiple programs at the same time.  The cast window will be blank when you first start.  To create your cast simply drag and drop your actors into your cast window.