Preferences in Fast video cataloger let you configure how the program works in detail to fit your optimal workflow or personal preferences.

General preferences

Learn more about the General preferences in Fast video cataloger.

general preferences in fast video cataloger 7



Layout preferences

Learn more about the Layout preferences in fast video cataloger.

layouts in fast video cataloger

Preferences for setting up a layout for working in fast video cataloger


Video indexer preferences

Learn how to control metadata and thumbnail extraction in Fast video cataloger from the video indexer preferences.

Preferences for video indexing

There are lots of preferences for video indexing in Fast video cataloger


Auto index preferences

Learn how to configure Auto index to detect when a video file is added to a folder and to automatically index it.

Autoindex videos from a folder


Video player preferences

Learn how to configure the Video player to play problematic videos, using directshow codecs, best quality or fastest seeks. There are lots of settings to tinker with.

video player

Preferences for the video player in fast video cataloger


Video wall preferences

Video wall is an alternative to the video catalog window. You can control how and the speed it is animated with.

preferences for the video wall window

Video wall window preferences



File Organizers preferences

File Organizer helps you keep you video catalog up to date when you move video files around between drives and folders.

File Organizer Preference

Movie video files while keeping your video catalog up to date.


Actor preferences

On the Actor preferences page you can control the size of actor and cast portrait pictures.

Actor preferences

Actor preferences for portraits in the actor and cast windows.

Companion image preferences

On the Compnaion image preferences page you can control how companion images are presented and handled in the program.

Companion images

Companion images are images accociated with a video or actor


On the metadata preferences page you can control how metadata is written to outside the currently loaded video catalog.

video metadata preferences

video metadata settings