Fast Video Cataloger is a professional Windows video software for searching, browsing, and organizing digital video files!

Search, browse, find, and play all your video files fast and easy.

Fast Video cataloger is the fastest local video content management system available for Windows PC. Please don’t take our words for it. Test our video software on your video files. You can download the fully functional program for free. The installation is on your desktop PC and does not require any IT department support for server setups. You can be up and running in less than 3 minutes.

Fast video cataloger windows video software

Version 7.02 is now (24/10 – 2020) available for download.
No adware, No spyware, Free fully-functional trial.
Safe to download for Windows PC

Continuously updated since 2011

Searching your media clip collection for beach shots? The search capabilities of the Fast Video Cataloger video software helps you to be done in seconds instead of hours

Video thumbnails!

Catalog all your videos in no time at all. Fast Video Cataloger automatically scans your video files and order them in your offline and personal video file catalog. Each video is presented with a thumbnail timeline overview to let you instantly see the content of the entire video.

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Simple license

Fast video cataloger is a classic Fast Desktop Windows PC software running on your computer. There is no monthly subscription, no fees for data transfer, for video storage fees, cloud computing, or any of the other hidden costs you can expect from a cloud solution. Fast Video Cataloger is easy to set up as you only need to run the desktop installer. You can start right away and no need to wait for you large videos files to finish uploading to a remove server.

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Video search

Effortlessly glide through your entire video archive! Play from video thumbnails or start. Access all your videos in a searchable and visualized catalog.

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Fast video database software

Browse 10000+ videos?

Fast Video Cataloger uses the real power of your PC, which makes it faster than any server or cloud video asset management system can ever hope to be. Let us help you with your large video clips collection. Imagine scanning through hundreds of videos, becoming an effortless task. The core of the program is written in fast C++ and optimized for 64 bit and multiple cores. It even makes use of your graphics card.

Video and scene search

Assign keywords to videos or specific scenes. Then search videos based on keywords as well as a combination of other metadata. If you are missing some metadata type, you can add your own.

Customize for efficiency

The flexible and modular layout of Fast Video Cataloger lets you change the interface as you see fit. While playing your safari footage, you can put the built-in player on top in a widescreen mode while quickly zapping between videos, or you might use the fullscreen mode to enjoy each moment to the full extent. You can configure the user interface across one or several computer screens to take full advantage of the screen space. Create different layouts for different types of work and switch between them quickly. This is just one of the customization options in Fast video cataloger, read more about the different video preferences here.

Video formats

Fast Video Cataloger supports mpg, mpeg2, mpeg4, avi, mov, qt, rt, wmv, flv, and all other major video clip formats out of the box. The program also has support for directshow codecs.

Video scene playlists

Create and save playlist from segments of different video clips in your library. Then play them like they were one single video file. Really useful to draft ideas and concepts without any need for video editing.

Instantly find scenes in your videos

Fast Video Cataloger automatically creates evenly spaced thumbnails for each clip to assist searching through extensive collections of video clips on your PC in the fastest possible way. You can have all your videos organized without effort. We support video clips on your PC, External hard drives, USB sticks, DVDs, Dropbox. You can easily search, browse and get an overview of all your videos even if the devices with the video files are disconnected because you are on the road

Scripting & Custom workflows

Optimize your workflows with Fast Video Catalogers integrated C# scripting support. Create actions and shortcuts to integrate it with your other software or workflows as you need. The installer includes sample scripts and full documentation of the API.

Catalog sharing

Share a catalog in a local network or the internet from the Share menu. You can easily go between working locally and sharing the same catalog. Start building your catalog locally and when you are ready, share it with your whole company.

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