Scripting in Fast Video Cataloger

Scripting for your video database

Fast video cataloger provides full scripting support for your Fast video cataloger video database.

In addition to the Fast video cataloger API, you have full access to the whole .net library and you can also use external libraries. This makes it possible to create custom user interfaces and extend Fast video cataloger for your specific needs.

Scripting in Fast video cataloger is done in C#. You write your scripts in the Script Window that is hidden by default. Enable it from the “View” menu.

Developing scripts

After you have installed Fast video cataloger you can find the full documentation of the API in the scripting.chm file.

We provide a Visual studio solution to help you develop your own scripts. With Visual Studio, you get a proper code editor with syntax coloring and help through IntelliSense. You can also run your scripts through the compiler to check for syntax errors.

We include a growing number of sample scripts that you can use as a starting point for your own solutions. These are installed in the scripting folder with the software and available from our github repository

Running scripts

Once you have developed your scripts you can assign them to Actions so they are accessible from a button in the program. It is also possible to bind actions that runs scripts to shortcut keys.

More on scripting

We are constantly developing the scripting API and writing new articles on how you can use it:

We wrote an introduction and best practice on writing scripts for Fast video cataloger. Read that one to get started.

We also have a pdf that takes you step by step though your first few scripts available here.

This article explains how you to write a script that writes out thumbnail images for a video as stand-alone jpeg files.

If you want to integrate Fast video cataloger with another database this article, how you can read or write data from an Access database, is a good starting point.

Learn how you can write your own search engine using scripts in Fast video cataloger.

This is an article on how to use a rest api to classify scenes using machine learning.

Here is an example script that will select all videos that have an assigned cast from the current search result.

How to write tags from Fast video cataloger to the actual video file so that you can search from windows explorer.

If you are doing more advanced scripts you might want to build a custom WPF user interface. Here is a text explaining how to build a custom user interface in Fast video cataloger.

Combining the video database in Fast video cataloger with scripting and external tools can be super powerful. In the Combine video clips we show how you can leverage the playlist feature in Fast video cataloger to cut out video segments and create a new video file from the cut segments.

There are lots of services that have web apps that you might want to integrate with. In Using TMDB Web API ( The Movie DataBase ) we create a search window where you can search the TMDB for actors and add them to your catalog. This is an example of using a web API together with a more advanced WPF user interface.