Archive video files

Filter dialog showing the archive tab

Use external storage correctly

Fast video cataloger does archiving of video files to any secondary storage device, DVD, HDD, tape or other. Archiving videos with Fast Video Cataloger give you a complete overview of your entire video catalog, old and new, everything is searchable and browsable. When videos are archived the files are moved to the secondary storage and are tagged as archived but are still kept searchable in the catalog and are still browsable with your thumbnails. The search dialog has a tab for archives. It is easy to filter out videos from a specific archive allowing you to browse the content of all your archives without the need for the actual physical archive media.

How does it work?

You can create your own archive media in the program. This is to help you keep better track of your archives. In a professional archive you would probably print out labels for each archive to attach to the physical storage device. You can have more than one archive media on the same physical disk, for example if you are storing to a usb-hd or a network storage device. Archive is done easily using the archiving wizard. By default the wizard will use the files you have filtered out in your video list. Archived videos are tagged and the path to the video file is updated in the catalog.

Create a new logical archive media

Create a new logical archive media.

Select files to be archived

Archiving of videos has completed.