All your videos in one place

Adding new videos is fast and easy with automatic extraction of video frame screenshots i.e. a wall of video thumbnails. With the new Video Wall feature you can also get this view animated for multiple videos at the same time.

When videos are indexed it is also possible to give the videos an initial set of meta data like keywords and actors.

Fast Video Cataloger will automatically processes one or many videos in the background as you are using the program.

The program extracts video frame screenshots from every video.

Viewing the captured screenshots you get an instant overview of what is happening in the video.

You can complement the automatic overview by manually adding single video frames from anywhere in the video.

You can also burst capture a bunch of video frames starting from any time in the video, this allow you to have more thumbnails in the part of the video where there is much going on.

You can browse thumbnails for all videos without having all your video files connected. I.e Even if you have videos spread out over multiple secondary usb drives you can browse and search video thumbnails for all the videos in one place.

With Fast Video Cataloger you will have all your videos in one place and you will have a better overview than ever.