Fast Video Cataloger 6.27

I am happy to let you know we have just released Fast video cataloger 6.27.

So what is new in this version?

Companion image browser

Companion image browser lets you view photos in the same folder or a subfolder of the video. We have done a very significant performance pass on the companion image browser. And, we have added an image cache to make it even faster.


There is now a way to launch actions without waiting for them to complete and without showing the console window. The recommendation is to first test your command with the usual command-line version so you can view what is being executed. Once it is working you can switch to the new mode, “Shell execute”

Execute commands

We have added a new action argument to pass in the selected companion image, {preview_image} we also added the folder of a video “{video_folder}”.

Preview video companion image

Problem opening catalog

We have added check and error dialog for when the program is not allowed to write to a folder. This can be caused by some antivirus/antimalware software if they are not configured correctly. Now there is a message instead of a silent fail when you tried to create a new catalog in a folder the program was not allowed to write to.

And bug fixes

As usual, we have a few bug fixes in this update…

In some cases the volume of the video player was set to 0 when it should not have been. This should now be fixed.

If you right-clicked a video and selected “assign to bin” from the menu, the video was not moved to the bin as it should have been. Also, we did a pass on the user interface of the assign bin dialog to make it more clear as in some cases the colors made it hard to read.

If you right-clicked a companion image browser it had some menu options incorrectly disabled.

Finally, we fixed an in the keyword manager that prevented keywords to be completely deleted from a catalog.

Managing photos and video images for your video files

Images and video files

Fast video cataloger lets you manage any type of photos together with your video files.

In Fast video cataloger, everything starts with a video. Fast video catalog is far from a traditional photo viewer program.

For photos, this means that you link photos to videos and that photos are filtered for the video.

We call photos stored in Fast video cataloger for companion images.

Companion images can be any type of digital image in jpeg or png file format.

What companion images you want in your catalog depend on the application. If you have a catalog of normal play films, like a movie you would find at imdb. Then, typical companion images are probably cover images, posters, pictures from the release party.

If you use Fast video cataloger for your company. Then, the companion images could be images shot at meetings and presentations, photos of a whiteboard, people in the meeting and so on. For these applications remember that you can also add extended video properties. In that way, it is possible to link other file types to your videos.

Type of images that fast video cataloger can handle

A companion image is any type of image set to a video. A companion image can be set as cover a front or back cover for a video. We also have the concept of Actor portrait image and Actor companion image.

How to add photos to your catalog

The easiest way to add images to a catalog is to add them automatically when you add a video to your catalog. You can control if and how companion images are added from the preferences. The program can automatically add companion images that are stored in the same folder or subfolder relative to the video file.

The companion image browser has a button to rescan a folder structure. Use this if to add companion images to a video that was scanned without images.

You can also go into the repair function and do a scan to find companion images in a subfolder to videos that are not in the catalog.

Add companion images by dragging the image files to the companion image window.

Video companion images

Browsing photos for a videos

The “companion image browser” window displays thumbnails of the companion images for the selected video. The “preview image” window shows the selected image (and you can zoom with the mouse wheel).

The “Cover” window only shows the front and back cover image for the video.

The “Companion & Cover image” is a more compact window that combines the above three windows into one. It shows a scrollable list of thumbnails. When you move the cursor to the bottom of the window it lists all companion images. The currently selected image is displayed in the same window.

In the “Attract cover images” window you can see a slideshow of random cover images for all videos in your collection. There is also a setting in the preferences, “Include Companion images”. When this is checked you will get all companion images for all videos, not just covers.

Attract window

Nice things with companion images

If you have companion images setup for a video you can move it in the file organizer and the companion images will move with the video files.
Right-click in the “companion …” window you can select to use a cover image as the image to represent a video in the video catalog (for example a cover).

Companion and Cover images

I have now just about finished of the work with companion image support. My latest update has now been send to testing. Most likely there will be bugs but I am pretty satisfied with the basic functionality.
So to summarize what you will be able to see in the upcoming Fast Video Cataloger 2 from my last couple of weeks work on companion images. When a video is indexed the program will automatically search for images associated with the video. Images named cover, font cover, etc will be set as cover art for the video. There is a new companion images window that you can arrange as you want in your layout. Companion images can be played as a slideshow or you can just click on the companion image you want to see.

Companion images is a new feature that kind of takes fast video cataloger closer to a general media manager but focus will also be in the future on video. The video is that start and from there you can set keywords, descriptions, actors and now also cover and companion images. So, what would you use companion images for except the obvious DVD/Bluray covers? I have a lot of ideas but would love to hear yours?

Fast video cataloger development

My name is Fredrik Lönn and I am the developer of Fast Video Cataloger. This is the first post in a series of post about the development of Fast Video Cataloger. You will be able to follow how the next version of Fast video cataloger is taking form.

If you are reading this I assume you have tested the program ( if you don’t know what I am talking about you head over to the web page and download the free trial version to test the program ( or you are probably on the wrong web page entirely).

So, assuming you know what Fast video cataloger is about…

One of the improvement in the next version of FVC will be support for adding companion images like covers to your videos. I have added a new companion image window that you can arrange (or turn off if you don’t care….) as you like. Whenever you select a video the companion image window will show a slideshow all companion images.


companion image window

Companion image window in fast video cataloger

I expect that one of the most common use of the companion images will be for setting cover images. So today I kind of changed the companion window to make it dual purpose. In the middle of the window there is a splitter so the top part of the window now shows the cover images and the bottom holds companion images. You can arrange the splitter as you like to either show both cover and companion images.

I could have made two different window for this. The advantage would obviously be that you can arrange them as you would. The disadvantage is that window borders take space, I think this will be a good tradeoff between functionality and screen space.