I have now just about finished of the work with companion image support. My latest update has now been send to testing. Most likely there will be bugs but I am pretty satisfied with the basic functionality.
So to summarize what you will be able to see in the upcoming Fast Video Cataloger 2 from my last couple of weeks work on companion images. When a video is indexed the program will automatically search for images associated with the video. Images named cover, font cover, etc will be set as cover art for the video. There is a new companion images window that you can arrange as you want in your layout. Companion images can be played as a slideshow or you can just click on the companion image you want to see.

Companion images is a new feature that kind of takes fast video cataloger closer to a general media manager but focus will also be in the future on video. The video is that start and from there you can set keywords, descriptions, actors and now also cover and companion images. So, what would you use companion images for except the obvious DVD/Bluray covers? I have a lot of ideas but would love to hear yours?