Fast Video Cataloger 4.3x adds MadVR support

New Fast video cataloger version

Fast Video Cataloger 4.3 is now ready for download from
This is a free upgrade for all Fast video cataloger customers, use the same key as in previous versions.

Improvements to the integrated video player

In this version we have made several improvements to the integrated video player.

We have added support for MadVR, a GPU based video renderer that basically uses your graphics card to improve video quality. MadVR will be used if the video player preferences in Fast Video Cataloger is set to “Best” or “Direct with MadVR”. MadVR is not included with the installer but you can download it for free from their web site

We have fixed issues with videos that failed to play with sound. We have also added an option to force video to ignore the sound track. If you don’t want/need sound it will make starting the video a bit quicker. Another advantage is that issues with the sound stream will not cause video playback or seek problems.

And we have improved the stability of the video player and managed to get rid of a few cases of videos that could cause the program to freeze.

Other improvements and features

When indexing videos the program will now look for nfo xml files and if one is found it will take tags (keywords), plot (description) and title from the nfo xml file for each video and add that automatically to your catalog.

Some reported issues where the layout was not saved correctly have been fixed.

Fixed rare out of memory issue due to fragmentation, for some reason this seemed to be more common in Asian versions of Windows.

And… lots and lots of other fixes and improvements.

We have already started work on the next version, stay tuned. As always we welcome feedback or ideas on how to improve the software.

Improved video keyword search

Today we released Fast Video Cataloger 3.95, as usual the update is free for current customers.

New video indexing engine
This new version contains a new video indexing engine. The new engine uses a more direct approach to configuring the filters that should be able to index more videos even if DirectShow filters on the computer are misconfigured. This new way of indexing videos is now the default. If you have issues indexing a videos with the new version you can switch back to the old engine from the “Video Indexer” tab in the Preferences, check the “Use windows filters” checkbox. You might also want to switch back if you have rare or custom codecs. A tip, if a video fails to index you can switch index method and retry the failed videos, some might work with the alternative method.

The integrated video player still uses the default Windows filters so it is possible that videos can be indexed but not played back correctly if filters are misconfigured on the computer.

I might write a more detailed post about how the new engine works later. Anyway, the net result of the update is that most people should have less codec issues and an easier time indexing videos.

Updated components
Every now and then Microsoft releases a new compiler, they did that last year. A new compiler means, in theory, faster and better running code and fixed bug in the base libraries. For this version I took the time to recompile all components of the program with the latest visual studio and the latest c-runtime. In theory this should be an improvement, in practice, you probably wont notice any difference.

New video keyword search
Keyword search now support “ALL” and “ANY” searches. In the “Advanced filter dialog” on the keyword tab you will now find a “match” radio button. We have wanted to update the whole search interface for a while but instead of waiting to do a whole rewrite I decided to get this important improvement in as soon as possible.

Download the latest version from the download page

New improved video import function in Fast video cataloger

Today we released a new updated version (3.92 ) of Fast video cataloger with new video import functionality and much more.

The most important new feature is a big update to the previous import functionality. In the 3.92 version you can now import an entire video catalog into your current catalog. Videos that has been imported before will be automatically skipped to prevent your catalog to end up with duplicates of all videos.

We also added support to import keywords from another catalog and you still have the option to import actors.

All import functions are accessible from the File menu.

Another less visible improvement the faster video searches. The improvements are probably only noticeable in collections of more than a thousand videos but if you are working with large collections this should hopefully be a welcomed improvement.

The video indexing engine has also been updated to handle yet more cases of broken video files, i.e. the program will gracefully skip the failed videos now instead of crashing. The updated engine also handles some cases of mpeg files that it failed to index in previous versions.

Finally we have a done a bunch of minor fixes and improvements that I won’t mention here. Most should be listed in the documentation.

This updates is a free update for all customers. Download the latest version of Fast video cataloger from

Fast Video Cataloger 3.82 released

I have just uploaded version 3.82 of Fast video cataloger.

You can download this version from the download page at

If you are a customer you should have already gotten an email earlier this week about the new version, a free update for all customers as usuall.

This upgrade, from the previous 3.64 release, contains a whole lot of changes behind the scenes. We have refactored the whole backend of the video catalog system in preparation for future planned features. We have also done an extensive pass on performance so more of the program is executed in parallell on multiple threads. If you have a good computer you should notice that the program is more responsive now, most systems should now be limited by disk I/O speed.

On to the details…

We have added a “connect” dialog that will allow you to connect to a Fast video cataloger server. Please note that this server is stil in beta testing and only available upon request.

We have fixed screen alignment issues in fullscreen mode on Windows 8.1 machines with high dpi screens.

We have added an option to let the program recognized any type as a video or photo files as specified in the preferences. Note that you obviously need to have the correct codecs installed that supports the file extension.

We have added a few more new recognized video file types; ts, tr, trp

Finally we made some small tweaks to the user interface. If you adjust the zoom factor it will snap to make sure you can easily use the full width of the window. I also added a subtle fade to the thumbnails and rewrote population of the thumbnail window image by image so we can display them quicker than before.

Fast video cataloger 3.64 released

To celebreate the new year, here is a new version of Fast video cataloger.

Thumbnail auto selection is a feature in Fast video cataloger that select thumbnails as a video is playing. This feature is really helpful and makes keywording scenes really efficient, just play the video and enter keywords for the current scene. This thumbnail autoselect feature has been in the program for quite some time now and I am pretty happy with it but there is one problem with it…

So if you are playing a video and want to do other things that keywording say select a few thumbnails to delete, and video is playing, once it reach the next thumbnail your selection will be changed!

So not what you want, or expect and… it is pretty annoying!

Ofcource you could just pause the video, but, that is easy to forget… so I have implemented what I think is a better solution.

In the 3.64 version I have tried to make the auto select feature abit more intelligent. The function is turned on by default when you select a new video. But it is turned off automatically if you manually select a video frame and it will not be turned on again until you select a different video.

I added a message flash at the programs title bar to let you know when the program switch mode. My hope is that this function will just work as you hope it will and remove some frustrations with this feautre without crippling the usefulness for scene thumbnailing.

Another small fix was a change to the selection colour in the video list to make it clearer.

Finally, I fixed so that the program now just remembers the last select video when the program is restarted but also scrolls to the item in the list.

So, all in all no large changes but a few small improvements that should make fast video cataloger yet another tiny bit more pleasant to use. Download the lastest version from the download page.

Happy new year!

Fast video cataloger 3.6 supports Windows 8 with High dpi screens

Today I am proud to announce that version 3.61 of Fast video cataloger is available for download from our download page.

As usual this is a free update for all current customers.

The 3.6 version has greatly improved support for computers running Windows 8.1 with high dpi/resolution screens. In previous version some elements, like the tutorial windows and the video player, did not scale properly. This made them look really tiny when you ran Fast video cataloger on a high resolution screen and used Windows 8.1s new scaling support. This is now fixed and the program looks great on these computers.

We took the opportunity to introduce a new animation effect for mouseovers on thumbnails, this might seem like a small change but give it a try! I think it makes all the difference, the whole user interface feels much clearer and more responsive. However, if you for some reason don’t like this it can be turned off from the Preferences.

Talking about responsiveness, this version include lots of performance optimization. You will notice that keywording is much faster as well as working with the program while it is still indexing new video files.

Download the new version from the download page and let me know what you think about the improvements.