FVC 5 – 5th Generation of Fast Video Cataloger is now available

The fifth generation of Fast Video Cataloger, FVC5 has finally arrived and is available for trial or download. This is a very big deal as you will find out when you test it! We are so very proud, and we hope you will like it as much as we do.

So what is all the fuss about? What’s new in Fast Video Cataloger 5?

  1. In a big rewrite of the program, we are proud to say that Fast Video Cataloger is now a 64 bit program. It is a very much needed upgrade, as more and more catalogs are getting really big, and with 64 bit technology we welcome that development.
  2. Speed improvements for catalogs is always a focus, and this release is no different. With this release we believe we have the fastest video cataloging software in the world for catalogs of more than 5000 videos. Using comparable hardware.
  3. We have also improved speed on catalogs running off a USB disk.
  4. By frequent requests of customers we have now added coloring of keywords and a new keyword manager.
  5. You may now add your own video properties as an extension to the ones installed from start. These are, of course, searchable as wel. We know that there is a need to go outside of the ordinary properties, and this is a great solution.
  6. We have added support for advanced scripting via a scripting console. The scripting is done in C#. We have even added a few examples so you can get started. We are looking forward to seeing more examples from the community.
  7. Lots of small nice improvements (renaming of genres, auto load on mouse over thumbnails, shortcuts when you hover over a thumbnail and so on).

Are you an existing customer? Congratulations….. FVC5 is free for you!

For those of you who are already customers, this update is for free, simply go to the download page and get your copy. Before updating please make sure you have a backup of your catalog (as always) and (this is very important) please install this version in a new folder separate from your previous installation.

Fast Video Cataloger 5 is a 64 bit program and it will only run on a 64 bit version of Windows. If you try to install it on a 32 bit version of Windows it will fail during installation and the program will not start.

How to choose a video database solution

Updated for 2021

When trying to choose a video database solution, you need to consider several questions. Here are the main factors to weigh up when evaluating a video database solution based on your requirements.

Disclosure: We, VideoStorm Sweden AB, are the developer of Fast video cataloger one of the possible solutions for any video database solution. You can download a free trial version of the software from this url: https://videocataloger.com/download/

What is the main business goal?

DO you want to ensure you have easy access to all videos in one single place? Do you want to ensure all users have access to all videos? Do you want to be able to quick search for video? Do you want to be able to quick find videos for editing?

What is the cost of the solution?

For desktop solutions, you will pay a per-user/license cost and perhaps a maintenance cost to ensure you get access to an updated version of the program.

For cloud solutions, you usually pay a per month per user cost. Sometimes there is also an extra cost for storage and for indexing.

Do you need a personal or company solution?

Is the video database for personal use or for a company? If it is for personal use you might want to look at vidine, a great solution for personal videos.

Choosing a video database solution - for personal or professional use?

Are you using it for movies or custom video clips?

If you are looking for a personal media center to watch movies, there are plenty of cheap software solutions designed just for that. Consider Plex or Kodi – both of which are great applications that also let you automatically pull-in data from known movie databases. There is a huge difference between software designed for movies and custom video clips. Media centers are great for known movies and where the focus is more on watching the movie than searching between and inside movies. Select a video database solution designed for the types of videos you are going to have in your database.

Do you need to search individual video scenes?

Do you need to assign keywords to individual video scenes and search for them? Do you need to browse scenes inside videos quickly? Do you need to mark new points in a video as a scene?

Do you care about speed?

Slow software is frustrating to use and will take you longer to get your job done. The desktop software will always be faster than any cloud solution. Desktop software that can make use of multiple CPU cores and the GPU will be significantly faster.

Are you only using Windows? Or a mix of systems?

Select a video database solution that is designed for Windows if you are a Windows user. Cross-platform solutions are not going to take advantage of the hardware you have and be less ideal than a solution built directly for the operating system you are using.

Speed is important for software to work in practice.

Do you care about security?

If you care about security, you will want to pick a solution that allows protection. Protection of the database and perhaps the video clips. Can you play encrypted video clips without first decrypting them? Even if not all your videos need to be protected, it might be good to have that option for videos you do not want to spread outside your company.

Do you need to add extra metadata?

Different databases support different types of metadata. It is most likely you need it to support custom data for your company. Does the solution support custom data to be stored with the video, is it easy to add? can you search on the custom data?

Do you need XMP support?

XMP is metadata embedded in video files. XMP is not supported by all video formats and not used by all video software. It is however supported by Premiere and other popular video software by Adobe. But, if XMP is used in your workflows you should make sure that your database software can import your XMP metadata.

Do you have extra data to store with your videos?

What other data do you need to store with your videos? Typically you might want to store some pictures and notes. If the data you want is really just a random selection of different files you should probably look at a general content management system instead of a video database.

How many people need to access the database simultaneously?

Do multiple users need to write to the video database simultaneously? Do many users need to read from the catalog simultaneously? Considering how the video database will be used will determine the software to use, its setup, and your users’ guidelines.

Can you extend the functionality?

Is it possible to extend the functionality of the solution with scripting?

Do you need to make adjustments or a custom solution?

Off the shelf, the software will always be a cheaper option than a custom video database. A custom solution can actually be costly and may well result in a worse solution than an off the shelf software adjusted to your needs. Make sure the software you decide on can be customized the way you need it to. Can it be scripted? Can you add custom metadata? Can you assign custom keywords? Can it use all your screens?

Video format support?

Does the software support the formats of the videos you have? Having to convert all your videos to a new format will take time, and you will lose video quality in the process. Make sure the software can support directshow codecs, then you are sure that even older video formats are supported.

Why consider Fast video cataloger as a video database solution?

Fast video cataloger is a fast custom video database solution for Windows that allows you to index and search videos and individual scenes. It is easy to set up and evaluate. Download a free trial version and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need a longer evaluation period.

Searching a shared video database over network

Are you looking for software to allow for multiple computers to search a video database over your network?

Fast video cataloger is the perfect solution if you are using Windows as operating system. You can download a free trial version of the software from this address: https://videocataloger.com/download/.

First make sure the software suits your need by testing it as a local program. The software works exactly the same in a network setup but testing a local installation is easier. If you are doing an evaluation I highly recommend doing the first step of that evaluation on a local setup as is gets you up and running in minutes.

Do you need to search a shared video database over a network?

Do you need multiple people writing to the catalog?

If you want multiple people writing to the database you need a server setup. Fast video cataloger is available both as a server version as well as a client only solution. Please contact us at support[at]videocataloger.com if you are interested in evaluating the server version. It is pretty easy to setup and we are happy to help you get started. Today we only provide the server version on direct request to make sure we can help everyone get it setup correctly. We do expect to open it up later as a public download once we have enough training material available.

Do you only need multiple people reading your video database?

We have written a whitepaper on how you can easily do this with the normal version of fast video cataloger. Download the whitepaper as well as the free evaluation software from https://videocataloger.com/download/

video scripting support

Fast Video Cataloger 5 gets extensive video scripting and automation support

The release of Fast video cataloger 5 is getting closer. Today I want to talk about perhaps the biggest and most powerful feature we have ever added to the program. This is not for everyone but if you are an advanced user this it can be a true game changer.

We added true support for scripting to Fast Video cataloger.

Video scripting and automation support

Enter video scripts in the scripting console window.

I decided to use C# as a scripting language after careful evaluation. C# is a very powerful language and one of the language we have used to write Fast video cataloger (We use C, C# and C++). With the new scripting support you can extend the program to optimize workflows for your users and enable new workflows by integrating Fast video cataloger with other programs. Since the scripting language is c# you can also build on everything that is available in the .net library including building a graphical user interface for the extended functionality.
Scripting is introduced in 5 and you will have full direct access to the video catalog. In other words you can do everything with the catalog that Fast Video Cataloger does. We also provide access through script to part of the user interface. For example, you can easily check what video is currently selected and get data from that selected video.

We have no idea how this is going to be used but we do expect to continue to develop the scripting interface based on your feedback.

To run scripts we have added a new window where you can enter scripts and also print output from scripts to help debugging. The script window is obviously not the best place to develop scripts. We recommend one of the dedicated development environment like for example visual studio code where you get syntax highlights and so much more. However, the script window allow you to tweak scripts and to play around with the sample scripts we will release together with version 5.

We also made it possible to create new actions that launch scripts. That way you can your favorite custom scripts always one click away.

We would love to come in contact with users who wants to use the scripting support to make sure the API supports what you need. This is the initial release and we expect to expand this in future updates of the program based on yours and other feedback.