The fifth generation of Fast Video Cataloger, FVC5 has finally arrived and is available for trial or download. This is a very big deal as you will find out when you test it! We are so very proud, and we hope you will like it as much as we do.

So what is all the fuss about? What’s new in Fast Video Cataloger 5?

  1. In a big rewrite of the program, we are proud to say that Fast Video Cataloger is now a 64 bit program. It is a very much needed upgrade, as more and more catalogs are getting really big, and with 64 bit technology we welcome that development.
  2. Speed improvements for catalogs is always a focus, and this release is no different. With this release we believe we have the fastest video cataloging software in the world for catalogs of more than 5000 videos. Using comparable hardware.
  3. We have also improved speed on catalogs running off a USB disk.
  4. By frequent requests of customers we have now added coloring of keywords and a new keyword manager.
  5. You may now add your own video properties as an extension to the ones installed from start. These are, of course, searchable as wel. We know that there is a need to go outside of the ordinary properties, and this is a great solution.
  6. We have added support for advanced scripting via a scripting console. The scripting is done in C#. We have even added a few examples so you can get started. We are looking forward to seeing more examples from the community.
  7. Lots of small nice improvements (renaming of genres, auto load on mouse over thumbnails, shortcuts when you hover over a thumbnail and so on).

Are you an existing customer? Congratulations….. FVC5 is free for you!

For those of you who are already customers, this update is for free, simply go to the download page and get your copy. Before updating please make sure you have a backup of your catalog (as always) and (this is very important) please install this version in a new folder separate from your previous installation.

Fast Video Cataloger 5 is a 64 bit program and it will only run on a 64 bit version of Windows. If you try to install it on a 32 bit version of Windows it will fail during installation and the program will not start.