How to work faster with videos in Fast video cataloger

Work faster with keyboard shortcuts

Using just a few keyboard shortcuts can get you a lot more efficient with Fast video cataloger. Here are the shortcuts I use regularly in Fast video cataloger.

Use the interactive smart search

Press CTRL – I to bring up the interactive smart search input field in the top bar. Type your search terms, and press “Enter” to search, then CTRL-I again to hide the window and go back to shortcut use. If you know your catalog this is by far the fastest way to filter a video collection. You can use the smart search to search keyword as well as other properties like for example the path. You can also use several search terms to quickly narrow down your search. If you for example type: c:\tmp\ 2019 you would find any videos in the c:\tmp folder or subfolders tagged with 2019.
Look in the documentation for how the smart interactive search works, if you are not using it you are missing out on one of the most powerful features in the software.

yse the interactive video search

Iteractive video search lets you quickly drill down in huge video collections

Jump through the filtered video list

The ALT – o/l shortcut will let you go to the previous or next video in the current filtered list. It will work regardless of the video catalog window is visible or not.
Scrub through the selected video
Use ALT – j/l to jump to the next thumbnail in the currently selected video. This will let you quickly scrub through a video.
Use CTRL – “+” / “-“ to change the size of video thumbnails quickly. This can be very useful if you have lots of screens from a video and to see more of the video without using the mouse for scrolling.

And find the preferences

Press CTRL – p to instantly bring up the preferences.

Layouts are important

Setup a few ones and quickly switch between them with F1-F8. Layouts let you use the screen estate efficiently for your current tasks. Take the time to configure your own layouts.

Actions can have shortcuts

Did you know that you can assign custom shortcuts to actions and that actions can run external programs or fast video cataloger scripts?

And last….

All the shortcuts mentioned in this text are the default ones. You can reassign them if you would like to.

Check when you can use the Shift key. Some of the functions in the program have different meanings if the shift key is held down when the menu is selected. For example, the “Add to playlist” will work differently when the shift key is pressed.

Fast video cataloger 4.4 makes it easy for companies to manage video clip assets

A new version of fast video cataloger is available today to download from Fast video cataloger 4.4 is a program that makes it easy to create a local video clip database. Small to medium sized companies no longer have to manage and configure servers or signup to expensive monthly cloud solutions to leverage their video clip assets.

The 4.4 update of fast video cataloger is free for all customers.

A free trial is available to download.

This version does not have a lot of new big features. However, it has improvements to make it easier on new users and it has a number of fixes to reported issues.

In the past many new Fast video cataloger users think the program is intimidating at first. This has a lot to do with the focus we have in the software on workflows and efficiency. We want to keep the program as user configurable as possible and we always try to save on screen space. That does mean that the program can be a bit intimidating to first time users.

New start window and tutorial

In the fast video cataloguer 4.4 we have tried to ease in new users with a new start dialog and a reworked tutorial. The start window clearly let you create a new catalog file or load a catalog. You can still let the program automatically load the last catalog with an option on the general tab in the preference dialog. When a new catalog is created you will get a “tutorial” to help you get started.

Among the other improvements…

  • We have added shortcuts so among other things it is now possible to quickly jump to the next video and the next thumbnail from the keyboard.
  • The attract windows has got file context menus just like the normal video catalog window.
  • Fixes to the video autotagging feature.

Cloud drive support

In 4.35 we added support for Dropbox and OneDrive. The program will recognize video paths on these cloud drives and keep them correct if you move a catalog to another computer that share the same cloud account. We do not recommend you to put the catalog file on a cloud drive as the cloud syncing will risk overwriting changes.

We hope you enjoy this update and as usual do let us know what you think about the program and if there is any new features you would like to see in future versions.

Your shortcuts to superspeed

Keyboard shortcuts might seem a geeky thing to know but it in fact one of the easiest way to improve your efficiency in front of your PC. Since I am writing about it here I off course mean to bring the shortcuts of Fast Video Cataloger to your attention.  I promise you that these keyboard shortcuts make you work faster, and as always… if you miss a shortcut let us know and we will solve it in future releases.

What this key does
Create a new catalog
Open an existing catalog
Show preferences window
Create a new actor
Display the help
Display the Filter options
ALT + Delete key
Stops playing the video
ALT + Space key
Pause/Play video from start
Add current video frame to thumbnails
Toggle fullscreen mode
End fullscreen mode