Recent article overview about how to use Fast video cataloger

The last months we have added lots of information on how to use Fast video cataloger. Here is a quick guide to help you quickly find what might be useful for you.

New articles about how to use the software

Learn how you can use Fast video cataloger as a video library when you are live streaming in “video library for live streams”

Learn how to find identical or similar videos to save some space and clutter in “easy-way-to-find-similar-videos”

Learn how you can use the integrated companion image features in Fast video cataloger in “Managing photos and video images for your video files/”.

Fast video cataloger has an integrated file organizer. Learn how to organize your actual video files using this functionality in “How to work efficient with video folders/”.

This text, “How to work faster with videos in Fast video cataloger/”, is a favorite of mine. It goes through a bunch of small features that can save lots of time if you are a frequent user of Fast video cataloger.

“Video wall” is one of the unique features in Fast video cataloger. In “video-wall in Fast video cataloger/” we explain the feature in more detail. If you have not tested it already you owe it to yourself.

Learn how to get highest quality videoplayback in Fast video cataloger by reading “Using madvr for high quality video playback/”.

New articles about how to use the scripting functionalities

Scripting is not for everyone, there is a learning curve. But, if you are interested in automating tasks or extending the software we have added a bunch of new articles for you. And we have more text planned for the coming month. Maybe you know someone that is a programmer who would like to try it out?

In “Exporting thumbnail files from videos using c#” we show how you export the video thumbnails to jpeg files on disk. This will be useful when you want to use the images in another software or perhaps a web page.

In “Import videos from all my movies by Boildesoft” we show how you write a script that reads data from a standard Access database.

In “c# for all the really advanced video searches” we show how you may extend the search function to fit your specific need. This can be combining search criteria from external data or just be outside of what you can do with the user interface in Fast video cataloger.