Fast video cataloger 3.6 supports Windows 8 with High dpi screens

Today I am proud to announce that version 3.61 of Fast video cataloger is available for download from our download page.

As usual this is a free update for all current customers.

The 3.6 version has greatly improved support for computers running Windows 8.1 with high dpi/resolution screens. In previous version some elements, like the tutorial windows and the video player, did not scale properly. This made them look really tiny when you ran Fast video cataloger on a high resolution screen and used Windows 8.1s new scaling support. This is now fixed and the program looks great on these computers.

We took the opportunity to introduce a new animation effect for mouseovers on thumbnails, this might seem like a small change but give it a try! I think it makes all the difference, the whole user interface feels much clearer and more responsive. However, if you for some reason don’t like this it can be turned off from the Preferences.

Talking about responsiveness, this version include lots of performance optimization. You will notice that keywording is much faster as well as working with the program while it is still indexing new video files.

Download the new version from the download page and let me know what you think about the improvements.

Why video search and video discovery is only half the truth

Finding a specific video can be next to impossible - until now!Video overload

Videos are easy to produce via iPhones, GoPros, Dropcams, HD DSLRs or any screen capture software. Information in video format is becoming as common as text to more and more people and it has just only begun. This video revolution creates a problem that is easy to overlook – at least until it grows widely out of control. A desperate need to handle videos better and creates opportunities for new companies alongside the giant youtube. One such area is Video Discovery as we see by Jinni, Popscreen and These are of course following in the wake of the gigantic Youtube but they seem to address a real problem that people want solved.

Video search or video discovery… video finder

Video Discovery is usually defined as digging up entertaining videos online that you did not knew existed. It can be video discovery for linear TV, Video on demand, youtube videoclips, editorially or socially curated video feeds, etc. and differs from regular search for videos since you have no idea what you are looking for. I would argue, however, that the online video discovery is only half the problem on videos and therefore only half the solution.

Find the video in don’t remember – Video rediscovery

The other half of Video Discovery is about your own videos. Finding the right video clip is really difficult when you have thousands of videos on your drives. Myself, I have the challenge of family videos dating back to 2004 that is ordered by date. When I try to find a video I have a memory of I can choose between guessing until I find the video I am looking for or I use Fast Video Cataloger to find it in seconds. It becomes really clear when you dont know what you are looking for, that you need a great tool for family video discovery. Video discovery is one of the new features in Fast Video Cataloger that I have used almost every day. I now enjoy the pleasure of getting entertained by my own family vacation videos that I have forgotten about. This video rediscovery topic is important and your own videos always outperform the new video of cute kittens in entertainment value.