Today I am proud to announce that version 3.61 of Fast video cataloger is available for download from our download page.

As usual this is a free update for all current customers.

The 3.6 version has greatly improved support for computers running Windows 8.1 with high dpi/resolution screens. In previous version some elements, like the tutorial windows and the video player, did not scale properly. This made them look really tiny when you ran Fast video cataloger on a high resolution screen and used Windows 8.1s new scaling support. This is now fixed and the program looks great on these computers.

We took the opportunity to¬†introduce a new animation effect for mouseovers on thumbnails, this might seem like a small change but give it a try! I think it makes all the difference, the whole user interface feels much clearer and more responsive. However, if you for some reason don’t like this it can be turned off from the Preferences.

Talking about responsiveness, this version include lots of performance optimization. You will notice that keywording is much faster as well as working with the program while it is still indexing new video files.

Download the new version from the download page and let me know what you think about the improvements.