How to work faster with videos in Fast video cataloger

Work faster with keyboard shortcuts

Using just a few keyboard shortcuts can get you a lot more efficient with Fast video cataloger. Here are the shortcuts I use regularly in Fast video cataloger.

Use the interactive smart search

Press CTRL – I to bring up the interactive smart search input field in the top bar. Type your search terms, and press “Enter” to search, then CTRL-I again to hide the window and go back to shortcut use. If you know your catalog this is by far the fastest way to filter a video collection. You can use the smart search to search keyword as well as other properties like for example the path. You can also use several search terms to quickly narrow down your search. If you for example type: c:\tmp\ 2019 you would find any videos in the c:\tmp folder or subfolders tagged with 2019.
Look in the documentation for how the smart interactive search works, if you are not using it you are missing out on one of the most powerful features in the software.

yse the interactive video search

Iteractive video search lets you quickly drill down in huge video collections

Jump through the filtered video list

The ALT – o/l shortcut will let you go to the previous or next video in the current filtered list. It will work regardless of the video catalog window is visible or not.
Scrub through the selected video
Use ALT – j/l to jump to the next thumbnail in the currently selected video. This will let you quickly scrub through a video.
Use CTRL – “+” / “-“ to change the size of video thumbnails quickly. This can be very useful if you have lots of screens from a video and to see more of the video without using the mouse for scrolling.

And find the preferences

Press CTRL – p to instantly bring up the preferences.

Layouts are important

Setup a few ones and quickly switch between them with F1-F8. Layouts let you use the screen estate efficiently for your current tasks. Take the time to configure your own layouts.

Actions can have shortcuts

Did you know that you can assign custom shortcuts to actions and that actions can run external programs or fast video cataloger scripts?

And last….

All the shortcuts mentioned in this text are the default ones. You can reassign them if you would like to.

Check when you can use the Shift key. Some of the functions in the program have different meanings if the shift key is held down when the menu is selected. For example, the “Add to playlist” will work differently when the shift key is pressed.

5 speed tips for organizing your video files

5 hot tips for video catalog work

How to make your video project run smoothly.

1.Remember to set up the windows the way they will be easiest to toggle for you. If this means floating a few windows on the desktop for easy mobility then do that. Set up your workspace the best way you can for you to optimize your time.

2.You do not have to close the filtering window every time. You can keep it open and off to the side for easy access.

3.Make sure you are adding details to your videos along the way. Your details for each video enables efficient filtering. Tag everything – the more tags you have, the easier it will be to filter and find your video in the future. Tag your scenes with keywords for easier locating. Tag your actors, tag your videos. Create keywords and tags that are unique for each actor, video and scene.

4. When you are using filters, remember they will automatically try to find everything possible that you might be looking for. In other words the filter uses a wildcard approach. So if, for example, you match part of the title, it will find your video. You can also use brackets for a span of records. For example if you want all videos from 2010-2012 type in 20[10-12] and all records will be generated accordingly. If you alphabetize the videos in your categorization, you can do the same thing with any combination of letters. [a-c] will generate all videos starting with the letters a, b, and c.

5.Set your preferences exactly how you want them to be. When you start adding videos, make sure your preferences fit the project. You want to make sure your preferences are set perfectly, so that nothing will have to be changed after the first hundred videos are indexed. This will save you a lot of time in the future.