Attract windows

Atract windows in Fast video cataloger is a way to rediscover your catalog. The attract windows display content from your video catalog automatically as different slideshows. There is an attract window for your actors, for your companion images and ofcource for your videos.

We took the name from old arcade games that had an attract mode where they console played the game itself trying to attract players. So the purpose of these windows is to let you discover your entire video catalog. Perhaps for inspiration or perhaps just as a nice “screen saver”.

Here are is a short summary of how you can configure the preferences for your attract windows

Video wall

The Video Wall is a really efficient way to browse videos. You view your videos as animated thumbnails where the thumbnails of the video are quickly cycled through. There are Not many settings to care about but the available are described on the video wall preferences page.

Auto-index preferences

We talked about the video index settings before. Fast video cataloger can also automatically index videos from a folder. Whenever a video is added to that folder it will go to the index queue and then be added to your video catalog. This folder could, for example, be your browser download folder. It could be an inbox for anything that you want to go into your video library. Read about how you can configure automatic video indexing