Add a video from video collection

Adding Videos in Fast Video Cataloger

A key task in Fast Video Cataloger is adding videos. To add videos, you will use the Add Videos window. As windows can be closed, if the Add Videos window is not visible, this window can be opened by clicking on Windows, clicking Panes, and then selecting “Add Videos”.

Selecting Video Files

Video files can be added to Fast Video Cataloger in the Add Videos window through three methods.

  1. From Windows Explorer, drag a video or group of videos to the topmost box in the Add Videos window.
  2. Use the Add Video button to select an individual video file for adding to your video catalog
  3. By using the Add Folders button, all videos in a selected folder will be added to the catalog.

Set Thumbnail Generation Interval

During the process for adding videos, Fast Video Cataloger scans an entire video to produce a series of thumbnails at regularly spaced intervals. In the Preferences dialog, an option exists allowing you to specify the default number of minutes and seconds between each frame used for thumbnails. The value specified in the Preferences may not be appropriate for all videos. To make it easy for the user, Fast Video Cataloger presents an option to choose a different period as you add videos without revisiting the Preferences window. While adding a batch of videos using any of the above methods, you can override the default value here.

Fill Out Shared Properties

Using the fields here, you can set common values for the properties of all videos in this batch. This is useful when dealing with multiple video files that have similar characteristics. For example, perhaps you have a collection of videos from your personal camcorder. In the collection are four movies from your friend’s wedding and six videos from your son’s birthday party. Adding the photos in two batches allows you to specify keywords only twice. You can add further details later, while completing the shared properties now makes the process of adding the videos fast with less entry.

The five shared properties that can be entered now are covered below.

  1. Keywords are useful as tags for your videos. Enter a new keyword in the drop down menu, or select any of the previously used keywords.
  2. Specifying a Genre enables you to quickly locate any video from your collection by searching for a matching Genre. You can select multiple genres to make it easier to find.
  3. Ratings are important because you can score your video from 1 to 5, quickly identifying your most valuable videos in your collection.
  4. The Link field can be populated with a URL or web site address. This is useful for documenting the source of the video or a web site where the video has been used.
  5. The Video Cast properties are for the purpose of recording the actors in the videos. To make this step easy, you may drag an actor from the Actors window.

Index Videos

After entering the shared properties for the videos you are adding, click Start to begin the indexing process.