what is so great about fast video cataloger

what is so great about fast video cataloger

“What is so great about Fast video cataloger”, was the question we asked a selection of Fast video cataloger users. Read the summary of the answers and learn what the most used and liked features are in the software ( 3.2x )

Fast Video indexing

Users liked that Fast video cataloger support very speedy indexing of video files. By indexing we mean automatically extracting video thumbnails from the videos to give an “at the glance” overview of videos. Users give batches of video files to the program for processing in the background. They may tag all videos in a batch with common keywords, ie. tags are automatically applied when the video has been indexed and added to the catalog.

Play from any thumbnail

In Fast video cataloger you can play videos starting from any of the video thumbnails in the catalog. You have the option to add unlimited, new thumbnails at any point. This can be needed when the automatic indexing haven’t added all the frames needed for the best representation of the video.

Tagging and searching on individual video frames

Users liked the ability to tag individual video frames and the ability to search for tagged frames across an entire video catalog. Scene search shows specific thumbnails across multiple videos and allow users to play right from the thumbnail.

Speed and user interface

Fast video cataloger is a pretty large program with a bunch of different windows. But users like that they can arrange the windows as they like across one or more monitors to setup a customized optimal workspace.
Download your own free trial version from https://videocataloger.com/download/ and see if you like Fast video cataloger yourself. Fast video cataloger is available for windows 8.x and all the way back to Windows Vista. We wil off course make sure it works perfectly on the upcoming windows 9 as well.  It makes use of multiple cpu cores when available.