Fast Video Cataloger Preferences - equally suited to dogs, cats or even your family!

Funny clips or travel videos

In general the default settings for indexing video files will fit most people’s style; however everybody has a different task in mind, so the default settings may not suite you. For example one setup for short and funny clips on dogs and another for beautiful video clips on your wife. Fast Video Cataloger comes with a tool where you can set or change your preferences to your liking.

Simply go to “File” and select Preferences or if you prefer you can click on Control and P (CTRL+P) at the same time. Once you have done this your preference window will be opened and you can redirect to an external video player, or an external video editor, this means you do not have to use the video player embedded in the Fast Video Cataloger if you have a player that you are accustomed to using. You can change your video indexer, meaning the amount of time it takes to capture frames and how many frames you want to capture. You may also resize your frame to be however big or small you wish. You have the ability to change your preferences of how your video plays, how long it takes to start, which external video player you would like to use, if you want it to start with thumb-play, and more.

How you would like your files auto-tagged, and what file extensions you want to use for your companion filters, as well as file thumbnail size. Your companion image preferences can be changed in this window as well. This is where you tell the program whether you want to view it as a slideshow, how many seconds between slides and what to name your cover. These are main examples of what you can change via the preferences window. There are other things you will be able to do there.
Your preferences can always be changed, experiment with them to see how you would like things to work. You are in control here and by changing your preferences to have the Fast Video Cataloger run the way you desire for a particular task is the best way to go. Preferences are just that, what different people prefer always varies dramatically and this is why we give you so many choices. If you would like us to add more choices please contact me and share your idea.