Flexible user interface in Fast Video Cataloger

The Fast Video Cataloger 1.50 features a flexible user interface that can be adopted to your video workflow. You can hide windows you dont use or move them around to fit your needs.
Watch this video where I show a few different setups of user interfaces.


Keywording in Fast Video Cataloger for easy access of scenes


Keywording in Fast Video Cataloger is very easy and powerful. Each scene has its own set of keywords so you highlight any specific part of a video. Watch this video for a quick how to on Keywording were I add the keyword lips to a few scenes to create a collection of scenes that I easy browse to via the Scene Search.


Fast Video Cataloger 1.5 gets a new interface

Fast Video Cataloger 1.5 gets a new interface

We have reworked the whole user interface in the 1.5 version of Fast Video Cataloger to make more people happy. I wish to highlight my to favorite improvements.

  1. Dockable windows
  2. Fullscreen player

Dockable windows

Fast Video Cataloger 1.5 displaying 3 windows reorganized We all have our own specific preferences on how the tools and software on the computer screen is best organized. With dockable windows you can easily adapt Fast Video Cataloger into your personalized video workflow. Each window can be dragged, re-sized and moved around separately and you can hide the features you are not interested in at the moment. This is especially great if you are blessed with more than 1 monitor. Spread out your Fast Video Cataloger windows over your multi-monitor workplace and get a great overview.

All windows you have hidden can always be unhidden from the Window category in the menu.

Fullscreen player

The old player have been replaced and we have introduced a true full screen mode in Fast Video Cataloger 1.5.

Fullscreen player

We are very excited about the new 1.5 release of FVC and we are looking forward to hear your feedback as always.