Video thumbnails – new windows for your layouts

In this version, we have added two new windows that you can use in your layouts. The video companion image browser windows show thumbnails of all companion images for the selected video and it does it pretty fast. You can multi-select videos and remove companions you do not want in your collection. If you hold shift when removing a companion image you will remove that companion image from all videos in your catalog that has it. This new window will hopefully make it much easier to clean up and use video companion images.

The other window we added is basically an image viewer. The preview image displays the currently selected companion image and you can zoom with the mouse wheel. Combined with the companion image browser you can now set up a layout where you use Fast video cataloger as an image browser for the companion images you have added.

Improved video scripting

We have improved the scripting support. It is now possible to force a refresh of the user interface so that is updated after a script has done changes to the catalog. We also added scripting support for video indexing. The documentation has been updated to cover the new interfaces, and we have added a few more example scripts.

Improved video speed

We have continued to work on performance. We have improved the garbage collection and thread usage in the program. Improvement is most noticeable in the startup of the program and when working with lots of companion images

New add video folder dialog

The dialog for adding folders has been updated so that you can enter a path in the dialog. This is especially useful when working with remote network devices.

And more…

All external components have been updated fixing a number of bugs. New shortcuts added, for example, use Ctrl and (+/-) to zoom thumbnails. Added new option to skip small videos from indexing, these small videos are typically broken files that can not be played anyway. Download the new version and try it yourself,

The latest version of Fast video cataloger is now available for download from the download page.