Today we uploaded Fast video cataloger 6.21 and it is available for download.

There are lots of improvements since my latest blog update. The largest major improvements have been around the integrated video player. The end result should be increased video quality as well as better support for multiple screens.

Recent improvements to video player

  • The “direct video player” video player option, that should be the safest option for playback, now uses evr instead of vmr9. That change should result in higher quality output and faster playback.
  • Improvements to the threading should have fixed a few possible causes for freezes. For example, we should be able to handle a few known driver/codec issues a bit better with blank output instead of a frozen program.
  • Multiscreen support for the video player. It should now be possible to drag the video player window from the main window to the secondary window with a different resolution.
  • Respect “pause” state. If you pause a video and then click on a thumb the video will jump to the selected time but won’t start playing (this behavior can be controlled from the videoplayer preference ).

Recent improvements to video playlists

  • Now you can add to playlist from the scene search results.
  • Playlist has a more compact view in addition to the previous one, right click in the window to select view.

Other improvements

  • New video index option to rotate thumbnails 90 degrees if it has a rotate metadata. This is useful for videos taken with iphones. For this to work you need the settings to extract meta data from the video and the option to autorotate thumbnails. To play the videos correct you also need to use a video renderer that reads the rotation metadata and does realtime rotation. MadVR is one renderer that does that.
    Options for autorotate video thumbnails

  • If you capture a frame through the capture camera icon in the player that thumb will be selected after capture.
  • Add folder should now be quicker, especially with folders that contain encrypted videos.
  • Add videofile now accepts multiselection.
  • Updated ScriptInterface.cs to reflect latest version of the api.