intact links in your video collection

Solid linking in your video catalogs

Making sure all links are intact

A lot of times while cleaning up our computer files, we tend to move things around. If you are in your documents and intact links in your video collection you move a video from one folder to the next the path will become broken. This normally would cause a problem; however, with the repair tool you have a chance to fix that. The repair tool gives you the option to repair your videos and images. Within the repair window you can also scan for images. You can scan for broken videos to make sure all your videos are operating correctly. If you have videos that have been archived and the device is not connected to your computer at the time you do the scan the path will be reported as broken. You will have the option to either remove or repair the video. If you want to remove the videos with the broken paths simply select them and click remove. To repair you have the option to supply a search path and click repair and then the program will do its search. You can do a scan for your images as well, and the same exact thing will happen, the paths for all your images will be checked.

Scan for broken video clip links in your video collection

You also have a “scan for image” tab. This is not the same as scanning your images for broken paths. When you click on the scan image tab it gives you the option to scan for all companion images. It may be easy to get a little confused about the repairing images scan and scanning for images, just remember when you are in the repair images tab, you are scanning for broken links that you can repair or remove. If you are in the scan for image tab you are scanning your videos for companion images. Once you have finished your scan for companion images you will be presented with a checklist of images. You can add companion images as you see fit. Simply check the box next to the image and then select “Add Selected Images” and your image will then be added as a companion image for that video. As you see the repair tool is used for much more than repairing broken paths. Using it to add companion images is very important because you may not like the companion images that are uploaded for you or you may want to create a companion image for a cover image. You may even just want to create a few companion images to have some still shots, or even to use them for actor’s portraits. The repair tool can help you find and add companion images as well as fixing broken paths for images and video.