Today we release Fast video cataloger 5.23 and you can get it from the fast video cataloger download page.

Here are some of the improvements in this version of the software

Generally improved performance

We have done yet another performance pass on the program and tuned the thread usage. We have ensured we use high-performance async-io where possible. Memory usage has been tuned and much more. Hopefully, you will see better performance when running the software.

Improved support for video catalogs on network devices

Fast video cataloger has always supported video catalogs on network devices like windows share and USB drives. We do recommend you keep the actual catalog local for speed reasons but it will work even if it is stored remotely.

If you have catalogs with lots of extra data like companion images the parallel nature of fast video cataloger could cause some slow devices to be overloaded and with some drivers, the device could get disconnected. In this new version, we have tuned the load on the network devices to make sure it is both faster and puts less load on the device. And, with some luck, it should reduce these types of problems.

Reading more video metadata from “.nfo” files

When you add a video to your catalog the program will also try to read video metadata from a “.nfo” file if there is one. “.nfo” files can be generated from a number of different software and we read in tags, links and video descriptions from the file. In this version, we also added as a way to provide a link to a video.

Better folder selection

We previously added support for a better folder selection dialog. This one allows you to enter a direct link which can be very helpful when dealing with network devices. We have made sure all folder selection dialogs in the program use this new type of control.

Better multi-video-selection

You can select multiple videos in fast video cataloger by using the ctrl and shift key. With multiple selections, it is easy to clean up a catalog or add keywords to groups of videos. We have improved on what video of the multiple selected videos gets to show thumbnails in the thumbnail window.

… and some general improvements and bug fixes like fixing so you can drop an image on the cover window to set it as a cover for a video, word wrapping on the video description field, improved image quality on companion image thumbnails and more.