The quickest way to organize your video files and archivesSome people seem to think that once they archive old video files, they can no longer access them. This is not the case with Fast Video Cataloger’s archive system. Video clips that are archived aren’t deleted, so you can still search for them within your Video Cataloger. They are marked archived, so you know that you have archived them, but they are still fully accessible.

The Fast Video Cataloger Wizard

Fast Video Cataloger has an archive wizard that will help you archive your videos quickly and efficiently. Doing so the right way means that you will find them more easily in the future. If you archive your videos from the beginning, your video library will never get overwhelming, and you will always be able to find what you are looking for without wasting precious time. When you are working on a project that contains several different videos, archiving them will soon prove to be incredibly useful. Fast Video Cataloger is here to help you keep track of your projects and your videos, keeping you organized and making your job so much easier.

Archiving videos and video files is quite simple using the archive wizard. The best part is that you can archive your videos to any backup device – from a USB to a DVD. Archiving your videos not only saves you space, but also protects you from losing your videos if anything happens to your computer. If you happen to archive your videos within your computer’s hard drive, make sure you are doing routine backups for your computer so you don’t lose anything in the future.

When you have a group of videos you are ready to archive, or even one video, you want to start with the archive wizard. Simply name the videos, and pick your archive root. After you click “OK” your videos will pop up on a screen, and you will select the videos that you wish to archive. Once you select your videos click on “Next” and follow the programs instructions. The instructions are pretty self-explanatory. Remember to uncheck any files you do not wish to archive.

The importance of a good felt-tip pen

When you have finished archiving your videos, remember that you will still be able to find them within the Fast Video Cataloger. Whatever storage device you chose to use for the archive should be physically labeled, so you can find the correct video in the future if you need it. If you don’t archive. you could potentially lose all your videos if your hard drive happens to crash or if you get a virus or ransomware on your computer. So please take a few minutes to archive what you have so you can preserve it forever.