Think of the value of your videos to you as a professional and the street value or store value. Is it worth $100, $1000, $10000, or more to you. When I do this calculation myself I get scared since my videos are very valuable to me. Valuable things I generally take out ensurances on, like the car or camera. I am sure you could do the same of your video material but a smarter and probably cheaper way is to do proper video backup. I am sure all dealing with video are thinking along the ways of backup but I want to suggest that far from everybody are doing it properly.

There are 3 main roads to take for video back. First there is the simple way of secondary storage like HDDs or tape,then you have online backup services, also called cloud storage and third you have the professional solutions with a server based backup solution. If you have this than you are taken care of by others and need not to worry.

If you are considering cloud services you have an amazing smorgasbord to choose from. There is Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive, Mozy and so on. The list of online storage services is growing everyday and they are probably needed since they keep popping up. There are also those that are specialized on online backup only like Livedrive, Sungard and SOS Online backup
Every service has its pros and cons but most of the big ones are good and come with great applications to download into your computer for easy of use. One downside with online versions is of course the upload speed of big files but if you schedule these to run during your breaks and regularly that might not be a problem.

The simple solution is probably where most of us are due to simplicity, flexibility and price. Be aware though to avoid the too cheap alternatives, if it crashes it is not cheap o matter what the prize. Think of your backups as your insurance and be ready to pay for good quality backup storage. Since this changes all the time but be prepared to do a small research. Start by googling backup storage and dont be afraid to ask friends and colleagues what they are using.

All of the above if off course working in harmony with Fast Video Cataloger