Videostorm Sweden AB has released Fast Video Cataloger 3, the third generation of their video asset management system. Fast Video Cataloger 3 is a control centre for video clips with easy integration to editing tools, video players and internet services. Large video sets are managed using visual search and traditional keywords with focus on finding scenes inside videos. The new internal player supports extracting JPGs directly while playing a video.

Fast Video Cataloger 3 is a video clip management software for Windows designed to handle thousands of video files on a standard PC. The program extracts a wall of thumbnail images representing all scenes in each video. This provides a visual search through inside video files instead of watching the duration of clips. Each thumbnail doubles as a playable bookmark for that scene and can be enriched with keywords for filtering and searching.
Fast Video Cataloger 3 is a personal video asset tool with an easy to change user layout to fit into existing video workflows in business contexts. The preferred video player and video editor is set in preferences and user defined actions is configurable in the preferences as well. Drag files from the program to external video tools and drag files or folders into Fast Video Cataloger 3 to automatically build walls of thumbnails for more videos. Keyword searches are used to identify individual scenes in videos and present relevant footage. New thumbnails can be added manually by the user while playing as single captures or as burst captures starting with a specific thumbnail.

Fast Video Cataloger 3 is a tool for PC users in any profession managing video clip collections.

Fast Video Cataloger runs under Windows 8.x/7/Vista with .NET framework. A single-user license costs $197(US). Multi-user discounts are available. You can download a trial version of Fast Video Cataloger from