To celebreate the new year, here is a new version of Fast video cataloger.

Thumbnail auto selection is a feature in Fast video cataloger that select thumbnails as a video is playing. This feature is really helpful and makes keywording scenes really efficient, just play the video and enter keywords for the current scene. This thumbnail autoselect feature has been in the program for quite some time now and I am pretty happy with it but there is one problem with it…

So if you are playing a video and want to do other things that keywording say select a few thumbnails to delete, and video is playing, once it reach the next thumbnail your selection will be changed!

So not what you want, or expect and… it is pretty annoying!

Ofcource you could just pause the video, but, that is easy to forget… so I have implemented what I think is a better solution.

In the 3.64 version I have tried to make the auto select feature abit more intelligent. The function is turned on by default when you select a new video. But it is turned off automatically if you manually select a video frame and it will not be turned on again until you select a different video.

I added a message flash at the programs title bar to let you know when the program switch mode. My hope is that this function will just work as you hope it will and remove some frustrations with this feautre without crippling the usefulness for scene thumbnailing.

Another small fix was a change to the selection colour in the video list to make it clearer.

Finally, I fixed so that the program now just remembers the last select video when the program is restarted but also scrolls to the item in the list.

So, all in all no large changes but a few small improvements that should make fast video cataloger yet another tiny bit more pleasant to use. Download the lastest version from the download page.

Happy new year!