After some external testing and a few last minute fixes I have just uploaded the 3.20 version of Fast video cataloger.

This is a free update for all customers, just download and use your previous serial key.

There are two main new features in this version, the video wall window and the new user layouts. I wrote more in details about the new features in the previous posts.

The video wall is my new prefered view when browsing catalogs and the user layout is a small improvement that is really useful and once you get used to it, invaluable ( make sure to learn the shortcuts ).

Download the latest version from as usual.

There is also some internal Changes in how the program uses threads. In general it should improve performance on multicore CPUs (more threading), if you do have a problem please let me know, and feel something is not working as well in this version as in previous ones, do let me know.

All in all, I think you will find this a fine improvement to the program.